Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coming Soon!

New post coming soon...Really! : )
I'm making dip for a bridal shower tomorrow, so I only stopped in for a minute (to find that recipe that's eluding me!)
Today was our awards ceremony for Daisy Girl Scouts, so now I'm on to the next thing-a shower and working at the concession stand for the Susan G. Komen tournament over at JB Hunt park. Have an extra hour? Run over there and help girl scouts! : )


Gigi said...

Jiminy Cricket!

Summer is for relaxing and enjoying. The kiddies and pool await your free time.

Hope all are feeling well.

Love and hugs~~~

Anonymous said...

Awaiting the coming post... ;o)

Anonymous said...

....Here I sit at my computer desk

....The cobwebs have begun to grow

....I have given up on the update promised

....And with forlorn I must admit my sadness

....Awaiting tales of fun and woe

....But as the spiders spin their webs around

....Methinks I shall get up and slowly walk away.

Holly said...

Ok, sorry. I started one on Monday, but didn't publish it since I wasn't done. It's so darn busy, and I'm not getting much help in the kid department. Ugh. I've learned that moms don't really ever get a vacation.
Geez, if "they" told you about the working conditions and the hours the job requires, no one would enter into the legally-binding agreement! If it weren't for the happy poopy songs, what would I do?