Sunday, July 19, 2015

Taking Diabetes on the Road!

He wants in the water every chance he can get.  He lives in a swimsuit lately.  (and he can build really high!)

soo..I'm a little OCD with our clothes packing?
Road Trip: (n.) Long time in car with family, having traded time for money, and a *possible* glimpse at a sweet family moment or memory.

We left this morning, only 30 minutes later than planned, quite possibly a family record!  I have counted 22 how.much.longer/how.far/how.many.minutes/’s.  We’re also going for a family record there.

We are only going as far as Effingham, Illinois (yes, giggle, giggle!) tonight.  A total easy day, only six road hours (translates to roughly 8-9 Jones hours? eleven Jones hours).

The most beautiful sculpture.  The wings were made of hundreds of wind chimes, and they drew us in.
I always forget how hard the first day of travel is.  We aren’t in our zone yet.  (I’m obviously in my stressed-out, I’ve already turned around 8 times, I can’t concentrate on a book, can’t reconcile my checking account, need to zone out for a bit or I’m going to yell zone...not the zone I was aiming for).  So I’m airing my stress in writing, ha!  So healthy.

..just a plain ole hallway.  WOW.  You can see the mosaics up close.  The other ceilings are MUCH higher.

The detail.  Gorgeous.  A priest on Facebook told us it took over 80 years to complete the mosaics.  Again, wow.
We are pit-stopping in St. Louis for church this evening.  This means two things.  1.)  We wore church clothes to travel in, soo comfy. (ha! Not.)  (but I totally got a compliment on my dress in a gas station about 30 miles back!) (It’s a Lilly Pulitzer I got at Target way after the big “sale”.  I’m sure it got returned..or hidden behind diapers because and then they couldn’t find it behind the Huggies since they remembered putting it behind the Pampers, and it just got found and hung up, just for..ME!?)   And.. 2.) We have to actually make church.  We have three churches and times that we can possibly make, just in case.  A four o’clock all the way to a 5:15pm.  Our second travel day is always longer, and we can’t fit it tomorrow and get in by 9 or 10 pm.  So, insert stress (exerted on ourselves) and let’s get there!

I will seriously have to take a picture.  Does your family groan when you ask for a picture all together?  Because I think they are so adorable.  My Clay is soo big now, taller than me, got his braces off, and he’s so handsome.  But if I say it, he stops smiling and looks down.  Like it’s not cool to be so cute.  Or I’m totally embarrassing him.  You know, one or the other.
Ok, I didn't look at this closely until tonight.  I didn't even crop or adjust the size.  Look at Jesus.  It looks like He's glowing.  I think it's the sun, but amazing.

This is Joseph and baby Jesus.  We lit candles (over to the right) for Heidi, my mom, Deb (Julie's Mom), Debbie M., and Hawley.
Mary Claire is looking precious too.  Ha, I’m not partial or anything!  She got her hair re-highlighted (second time) on Thursday, and she got it straightened, and hasn’t washed it.  (Don’t tell her I told you.)  Then we went to get a couple outfits to take on our trip, and she chose this outfit I’d have never picked for her (or me!) with a Marilyn Monroe-like collection. She even wore a white bow with it.  She’s almost stopped wearing anything resembling her style (more shirts/tanks and shorts a lot), but this is precious!  I’m sure it’s been a phase, maybe it’s over?

..and then I got my glimpse.  Into a precious family moment.  It was soo worth it.
Hug your sweeties tonight.  It's worth all the stress. : ) Hugs, y'all! 

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