Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dr. Strict and the Overnighted Meter

It's 12:30am, and I'm kinda behind as usual, my baby just NOW settled down and fell asleep. Whew, it's tough traveling and making beds, getting them all jammied, teeth brushed, book time and into beds. (Carter wants the SAME two books every night lately, I know them by heart.) (and we might need new ones soon..they're all repaired and taped.)

Because I'm a sucker for a puppy in argyle socks and a bowtie.  He lives with us now.

Fresh clams.  Mmm.

Because the girls thought all the big-eyed animals needed their hair done.  Heaven forgive us for using so many bows.
We rotate sleeping arrangements based on what our room/rooms look like.  Tonight is two beds, a sleeper sofa, and a crib.  That means we have to make a bed, wait on the crib to be delivered, and sometimes make it (sheets/complete cover).  It's a wild time of jumping on the bed and loudness.  They are generally so excited to be out of the van! OoO

Mary Claire's Enlite sensor came off tonight.  I'm not putting it back on till morning.  I'm exhausted!  And she had pasta, so I don't think she'll go low tonight. ; )  She also ran out of insulin tonight (thank you, pasta!).  We've changed four sites now total on our trip.  Not that bad with all the sandy swimming!

Trip tally: two lost sensors, four site changes, three under 40 lows in Ocean City, two under 40 lows in Philly, and a few highs post swimming (without pumps on!).  We've swagged about 40 meals.  For reals.  (and CalorieKing rocks.  Love that thing.  Most of the time.  Except it has no Baconator.  Or Chick-Fil-A small cookies and cream shakes.  Or Burger King's crispy chicken sandwich..)

Clay is always fine since he is swimming and playing hard.  Mary Claire is more the lay-out-for-a-tan/get-her-feet-wet-to-cool-off, so she goes high. ; )

Oh, and we had to order a new meter and have it overnighted..we lost one in one of our hotels.  Oops. (and our endocrinologist is super strict now about them NOT SHARING a meter!  Dr. Strict would not like the day and a half of double blood sugar checks..which makes little Miss FollowTheRules not like it one bit either..especially if he's higher than her! And it tries to send to her pump and update her sensor!  Eeekk!)  But a big shout out to Medtronic for taking great care of us and having a new one sent to our hotel!!  (I was a crying, sobbing, stressed mess for a while..I just can't keep everyone happy all the time.)

And we checked only two cousins' blood sugars. : ) They were so awesome, love them!  And they asked very thoughtful questions.  It was truly a joy to get to spend time with them this week.  We were sad to see our family beach week end late yesterday.  We got to ride rides down at the boardwalk last night as our farewell, and I paid to get sick/dizzy.  I was SO thankful when I didn't have to get on another Tornado-thingie since the cousins showed up.  I screamed so loud, my throat is STILL sore.  The things we do with/for our kids.  All in the name of love.  And let's-be-scared-to-death-together.

Hope you are surviving the current heatwave..and have no sore throat, (air) hugs!

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