Friday, April 18, 2014

Diabetes Rebels

Is it so obvious when I'm on vacation?  I get time to w-r-i-t-e! : )  Nobody needs wiped or washed or fed or disciplined.  Or hugged or loved on..wahh!!  Miss my babies already.  (but I'm going to work really hard to enjoy myself in Atlanta for the next few days!)

time for nap.

rug shopping!
So seriously.  Those big kids and their stupid diabetes have been quite the trouble-makers lately.  They are in a mood and it's cramping my style.  And my Mommy-Has-It-All-Under-Control Persona (haha, like I ever had it!!).  Clay won't carry a meter to school.  He has one in the nurse's office and says he'll use it.  Umm..what about the bus?  Going LOW on the bus, dude?  He says Mary Claire has hers, and he'll borrow it.  (Like he'd ever talk to her.  In public.  In front of people who know them BOTH.)

this awesome photo courtesy of Temme Green!  My boy at Solo & Ensemble.  He earned two blue ribbon medals for 1's!
But get this.  She's quit carrying hers, so he can't borrow it.  Rebels.  Haters.  She says she'll use her friend, Alyssa's meter.  What is with these kids?  and not taking responsibility?

I can't stand it!!  And now..they don't go to the nurse's office for checks.  She has to call them to come down.  Like they are 6 years old.  So..I'm planning to set up alarms on Clay's pump.  So the plan is he'll die of embarrassment when it alarms in class, so he'll book it to the nurse's office BEFORE it alarms every day.  I consider myself smart.  (unlike what they consider me.)

more beautiful in watercolor?
Mary Claire, on the other hand, is prancing in and telling the nurse what she is.  (And she isn't taking her meter to school!)  She is on the Enlite sensor..but she turns it off half the time.  Again, she hates the alarms!  Yes, usually it's because it senses she's low or high, but won't take the five minutes to go check herself.

cake decorating class at Briar Rose Bakery
So..if you know a preteen (ok..11 or 13 year old) who is having trouble with could be the CHECKING YOUR BLOOD part.  Or the eating normal-sized portions and getting insulin for it.  Or eating the lunch your momma packed and counted the carbs for and not buying cookies in the cafeteria.  And getting two packs.  Or learning to give a square wave bolus for half the big tub of Nutella you ate instead of all of it normal and making yourself, oh I don't know..THIRTY-NINE?!

Using the Little Door at Briar Rose Bakery
So, yeah, diabetes is hitting hard right now.  And I haven't had lots of control.  They are as tall as me..and trying to take over.  It's not going so well.  The rebels need to be reigned in.  (good time for a vaca, huh?)

She's just growing up too fast. three things to be thankful for today (since D can make me a bit complainy) travels even though we had some "plane problems" right before the flight, seeing Stone Mountain today and respecting the people who risked/lost their lives on it, and the amazing fresh, fried okra I had today (the seeds were just huge and crunchy and juicy..and the outside was so crispy..mmm..delicious.)  I almost went to the counter to yell back to the cook they were a-m-a-z-i-n-g, but Ches thought I was just starving and delirious.  And I do have weird judgment when I'm hungry.  But I might just tell them on my way back. You know..when I'm so much more full of sense. : )

in memory of the first casualty in the carving of the memorial : (

Stone Mountain, Georgia in honor of my mom who remembers being there as a child.

Just to show you the man rappelling down the face of the mountain..he's above the horse on the right, almost in the center of the picture.  crazy man.
ps-if you'd like your own picture turned to watercolor, you can use the Waterlogue app for only $4.99 on itunes, or you can email me a picture and I can try to do it for you? : )  I think my email is still on the tab up top under contact me!

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