Wednesday, January 8, 2014


O me oh my!  Can we not house talk? (since I've been living and breathing it for so long?)  We DiD get to move on December 20th, kinda got half way settled, then we got out of town (not a moment too soon)!  The Polar Vortex landed right in the middle of us causing crazy low temperatures, ice, snow, and no school!

And we?  Landed in Hawaii!! : )

Flying over the Pacific.  I swear I saw whales/sharks/something with a white belly.  But Huge.

Circling, getting ready to land.

Headed out!  This is just gorgeous.  Waiting to turn onto the one way street, you get an inland body of water, city/mountain/palm tree combo.  Everywhere is beautiful.

Convention Center.  Glass to reflect all the beauty!

We chose Sacred Heart Parish, doesn't it look like Jesus' head is just glowing in the sun?!

Just looking up at the palms.  Love.

He does this EVERY day.  Just a new sculpture.  ..Did I mention EVERY day?!

Sitting on the beach waiting for sunrise.  Beautiful.

I had to write everyone's names in the know for frames in their rooms, and so they know I love them, and I'm thinking of them! : )

So..when you squat on the beach, your feet sink in really deep. ; )

I'm trusting the Lord right now.  With all my heart.

Mary Claire wanted me to write Hi! for her since we were facetiming!  It's also the abbreviation for Hawaii ; )

The sun coming up..peeking through the buildings!

I took pictures if there were couples/families trying to get a picture.  One older man watched me alone..and asked if he could take my picture.  I was holding a huge rock/shell conglomerate I'd found for the kids that morning.  He took about 40 pictures (he did a Burst?), and I was in the shadows, so I didn't know which one to pick.  Maybe my eyes are open in this one? : )

Looking to the west down the beach.  Just gorgeous.  Our language doesn't have adequate words.

Behind me.

I took this for a friend, but brave sums it up.  I walk to the beach every morning alone-about four blocks.  It's relatively quiet and beautiful.  I get first pick on the sand, and get to see the sun.  Thank God for these moments.  I think I'm saving them up for the days when I'm home. : )

This is for Clay!  He's eating shrimp every day, as often as he can get it!  Huge bags at a time.  Whoa.

Headed to lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  I had an amazing Luau salad-tons of fresh veggies and orange wontons with sesame seeds.  And too full for cheesecake! : )

We drove up Tantalus (inactive volcano/crater), the veiw was amazing!

We rented a Dodge Challenger.  I thought Ches would enjoy it..but it was brand new (13 miles on it), so he's stressed about it getting scratched or something.  It has a gauge that measures your 0-60 and 0-100 time, and even one for telling you how many G's you are pulling in the corners.  Wow.  Except there isn't anywhere to actually play with it!
At the top of the mountain/crater/look-out, there was a swing!  Of course, I had to swing in it.

Ches ready to go. : )

Look what they have in Hawaii!!  Kisses with macadamia nuts!  Yum.

This is where we see movies.  Cool, huh?

It's been a relaxing trip for us, and I know it's been hard for mom with the kids.  It's been freezing cold back home, and they've missed two days of school for weather, and too cold to play outside (below zero!).  Pray that she is strengthened, I know it's long hard days with four kids!

We'll get back to home making pretty quickly, and get those kids rooms settled and moved's a lot of work.  And a lot of boxes!

Hope you are staying warm with your family, and that your heat is working! ; )
Hugs, Holly

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5


Jen Snow said...

How beautiful! It is amazing the beauty that God creates! How could anyone deny that He's real?? :) If you have time, could you write Faith's name in the beach and e-mail it to me or FB it? That way I can save it and print it for her room. Enjoy your time!!

Holly said...

Yes, I'll try to do that today! : )