Thursday, December 19, 2013

Moving Tomorrow

Could you totally understand if I just post some pictures?!  It's been sooo busy!  They are even in bad order, haha!
Wood floors in and covered!

My new dining room fabric!  Scrumptious!!

Mary Claire caroling in Fayetteville

New Carpet!

Ethan's bedroom and carpet : )


Wood in Pantry..only area not covered!

Carter's room : )

..something I found in a magazine at the doctor's office!  Cute flags! : )

Fireplace almost finished..

A table I'm coveting at a local Fayetteville store.  I begged them to buy it..we'll see.  It's all broken in and everything!! : )

Ethan climbed their rock wall, and rang the bell!!  Way to go, baby!

Don't you love my jump from rock wall to toilet? ha!

Whew, sorry out of time!  I'm finally moving tomorrow..with several things not finished.  They'll get done, we just have to scoot on over there in time for Christmas!  Prayers for your family to finish things in time for Christmas, and you can pray for us!! : ) Hugs!

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