Friday, December 6, 2013

* Advent and Adventures in Snow *

We've been working away at our Advent Calendar!  It's this adorable mirrored-door Christmas tree we got at Target (I've been searching for a beautiful new one for a few years!), and it's all filled with little candies and each one has a slip of paper with something to do.  We've had hot chocolate with marshmallows, written letters to Santa, made chocolate pretzels, and we made buntings/banners for everyone's rooms!  It's been fun.
that is the bottom of my Advent tree! and here are some of the pretzels..yum!

Last night was supposed to be Clay's band concert, but we were snowed in.  It iced and snowed, and we got about 8 inches.  Depends on where you measure in the yard!  They played outside a couple times.  We even lit the fireplace so they could warm up. : )
what's he doing to the neighbor's mailbox?!  (he just told me he was dusting off the snow.)  Likely.
Ches even got out to go get some shovels and ice melt.  We were outside last night looking like a comedy routine trying to get the van into this tiny garage.  We had to rearrange all the stuff in there to even get it in at an angle (the van is longer than the garage, if you can imagine!).  Then, it was spinning and sliding all over the driveway, and I was just dying thinking it was going to hit Ches' car or that new mailbox we just replaced!  It had to be hilarious to watch.

But, it's all in, and we aren't moving it.  Crazy, huh?
Driveway is framed..

Circle in the front..

And the front sidewalk.

My cutie!

And my light fixtures are up!

My bar sink : ) still needs the garbage disposal button though!

still needs a cleaning, but it's daylight! Sooo thankful I pushed for a window!

The blue chalkline along the brick (almost impossible to see!) will be the concrete line.  So we won't actually need a retaining wall by the garage door!

Much better picture when the toilet lid is down!

Question.   Where would you put the holder for the towel ring in that bathroom?  Mount it on the wall above the siding?  On the horizontal trim above the siding?  Actually on the siding?  Umm..or to the left on the wall?  I'm confused.'s what has been occupying my time.  A big ol' puzzle.  With 1000 pieces!!
(which unfortunately, only had 999 pieces.)  Can you see it?
Only took two whole weeks, and my table space.  But what a feeling of accomplishment! : )  That water almost drove me nuts!

Hope you have something to occupy your time, a warm home to share, and some ice melt. : )  Or not..if you enjoy staying in!  haha

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Jen Snow said...

So exciting Holly!! The house looks great!