Thursday, October 24, 2013

Learning and Praying.

Still some battling going on (with the big girl and her front-seat-insistent-drama, and the middle honest boy and this mean guy downstairs I can't bear to name).  I know I shouldn't give credit, but it has been rough.  We mysteriously haven't been praying on the way to school like we used to do.  It's just been hard.  Even today, I just told God (yes, out loud with the kids praying with me..I figure it's ok for them to know that it's hard for me, since it might be hard for them too) that I didn't really want to pray, and asked for the desire to come back.  We even told Him that we felt yucky and didn't have the words, then we prayed some rote prayers, and blessed ourselves.  It's all we could do.  (I will say I felt better afterwards, even though I had so little to offer up)

We're all-in-all okay.  (I think saying it makes it better, in case you are wondering.)  Clay went back to school, so I've been a bit busy since Monday.  I'm making two lunches, counting and writing notes for two kids, and troubleshooting blood sugars for both.  I've only talked to the school twice today (it's 12:13 and pre-lunch), so not too bad.  Oh, and only 6-7 texts.  The substitute nurse has been amazing, and it has been a positive experience for Clay.

He had a *surprise* field trip on Tuesday (we sign a generic field trip form the first week of school to cover ALL trips for the year), and guess who didn't know?  Or tell their child to take their meter?  Or which nurse didn't know where he was?  Yep, he went with band over to one of our high schools to see a performance.  We made sure the nurse over there knew, and she made contact with the band director from our school to make sure she knew (and to keep an eye on him)!  It's a learning experience. 

And then..on Wednesday morning, I lowered his basal to 85% and gave him a few extra grams of breakfast, to prepare him for P.E. first block.  Well..they called at 9:30 and he was high! Guess why.  He has G.T. on Wednesday mornings.   No P.E.  Good grief, every day is a learning experience!  Just sent him off with a perfect blood sugar, totally regular bolus for food.  At 9:30, we had a great number: 149.  I told her to leave him.  Guess who texts at 10am with a 50?!  The nurse.  Exercise low.  I didn't scream. (shocking, right?!)  Well, I was at a friend's house helping her pick paint colors, so screaming would've been inappropriate.  I just texted madly, gave up and called!  She gave him a juice box, then two peanut butter crackers.  I also had her reduce him to 85% for two hours, just to make sure he'd make it to lunch.  He was 106 at recheck (yay!!).  She just called with his lunch number, and he's 124, woohoo, we made it!

Yes, it's all a numbers game.  Actually, I feel like it's my report card.  And I only liked A's in school.

I can only guess what's in store for Friday.  Guess when I'll find out?  On Friday.  Girl, I don't need no planning!

Ok, they have been stinking up my house for over a week, and I *LOVE* It!  The cabinets got resanded, little spots filled, and painted with their Pearly White semi-gloss.  And did I mention it stinks?!  You can smell it when you park out front.  And the doors are shut and taped.

We had the concrete decking laid out around the pool, but after looking at it, it's not quite right, so we are meeting again tomorrow to fix it.  Because hanging out around the pool is where I want to be! : )  Water or no.

K, I am supposed to be putting clean sheets on beds, putting away laundry, and delivering toilet paper to everyone's bathrooms.  I should probably actually start those little chores that only I can do.  I'm gifted like that. (oh, and apparently I rock the dishwasher chore too.  No one else will even challenge me.)

Have a great day!  Remember to pray.  Even if you have to ask for words to say. : ) I promise you'll feel better afterward.  Hugs, y'all!


Sandy said...

Great inspirational post :)

Stacy said...

I was struggling with my faith when Ryan was dxd so I went months before praying again, once I did it was like a burden had been lifted. I still find it hard to do at times, but when I do its always better.

I'm glad to hear that things are starting to fall back into place for you. Before you know it you will be rocking your new normal! Keep your head up