Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bananas and Eiffel. Relief is Here.

So..you wonder how I keep g-o-i-n-g and don't get all mad that this happened to us?  That I'm not screaming, "why us"?!

Because I have comic relief.  Seriously.  Best therapy ever.  ok..and besides, what good will it do to get mad and complain to God and family and friends? (at a level my neighbors can hear?!)  I'm going to let you in on one of the most hilarious.  Go to amazon.com and look up the Hutzler Banana Slicer 571 (or just click on the words).  You have to read the customer questions and answers, and then go read the reviews.  You will laugh..and absolutely feel the need to join in.  Or at least click Yes on the helpful comments! : ) 

Yes, it may be avoidance, but it's FUN!  Ok, and one other thing I learned that is relaxing.  Want to draw the Eiffel Tower?  Like for art or math or some great demonstration of your amazingness? (or for your daughter's room?)  Try this.  And tell me how awesome you are.

See?  Stress melts away when you can love a banana slicer (that saves marriages, encourages writing, and bonus: doesn't cut children's fingers!) and draw the Eiffel Tower.  Like you've reached the pinnacle.  For this week, anyway.

You are SO welcome.  Hugs!

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Sandy said...

The banana is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!