Tuesday, June 11, 2013


..a teensy, tiny update.  We've moved.  Ok, our sleepy bodies landed in the temporary home last night, but our clothes still reside over on Lankinshire Place. ; )  We are still in Process.

I was thankful for a comfy bed that felt like Home (thank you mom and dad for helping move the headboard!).  We didn't go to bed until after one, and this morning the fence crew woke us up.  Thank you for getting a fence in the ground (gotta be thankful in this chaos) to keep my kiddies inside the lines.

I gotta admit it's been super hard.  Ches asked what my plan was for today, and my best answer?  Not to cry.  We've been moving for over a week now (since June 1), and it's been my focus (Exactly that: Get Stuff to the Other House).  So, I guess it's settling in.  I don't want to be whiny, so I'm trying to control what I say.  I don't even have a drawer in my bathroom for a toothbrush or hairbrush.  I finally get why all these crazy people pin bathroom under-cabinet organizers on Pinterest.  Umm..I think I need one.  To keep my toothbrush from touching my deodorant and hair from my brush!

We will make it.  I've weathered much worse.  God bless us in the transition.


Stacy said...

Moving is always stressful and anyone who expects you to have i all together has never moved. Hang in there, I hope th process happens quickly and smoothly for you.

Jen Snow said...

moving is very hard. I've done my share lately!! If you need help with something, you have my number!!

Holly said...

Girls, thank you. For validating the stress. The last time we moved, we only had two kids! We'll get there. Thanks for your sweet words. : )