Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From Annie to Ashes

We've had quite a couple weeks-and I keep meaning to update, but I get so tired if I sit down. ; )  Saturday we met our friends and drove to Springfield, Missouri, to see Annie the musical!  It was sold out, a wonderful show, and we had front row seats!  I was surprised at how MANY cast members there were.  There were 19 orphans, and in Daddy Warbucks house, there were about 30-40 staff members serving and dancing.  It was impressive, incredibly well-choreographed, and the sets were amazing!  I have to say I was definitely impressed. : )

When we got there the man told us we were in the Splash Zone.  Instantly I'm thinking of the floor-mopping scene. : /  And another man came up and told him they ran out of umbrellas for the first two rows.  At this point, I was getting worried.  As we sat, we inspected the stage, and the full orchestra under the stage (with a big netted opening in the stage).  The stage didn't look that clean or wet from the night before, so I didn't know whether to believe them or not!  Turns out, no real water.  Ha-joke was on me. ; )  (thankfully!!)

Then we headed down the street, and had a little treat at The Cup (a must-visit in Springfield!) for a custom cupcake.  Three of us got the Peanut Butter Cup, and Angie got the Raspberry Beret.  They were beautiful and delish!  They were pretty big, so we had to use forks.  (and we were being lady-like!) heehee
I seriously wish I'd gotten pictures before we started eating!  They were so beautiful.  Alas, we were hungry!

Hooray for Girls' Day Out! ; )
We also got to visit Build-a-Bear to get Mary Claire a free shirt for her little bear, and Andalynn made a Marine bear for her daddy's birthday.  We had lots of help, and the girls had fun!  Even said the Pledge of Allegiance before they put his little red heart inside. ; )

We picked up our Girl Scout cookie order yesterday afternoon, so we've begun delivery!  The kids couldn't wait to get them home-we ate an entire box (yes, just the four of us!) as soon as we got home. ; )  It was the new lemon cookies, Savannah Smiles.  Yum.  Glad we bought lots of boxes!  Oh, and it was Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday, so we had to indulge.  (Confession: I had to indulge at Krispy Kreme last night as I drove our carpool group to Bunco-they were hot, and we needed a dozen!)  Thank goodness that sweet red light was on!! : ) is Ash Wednesday.  Ches is still out of town, so I got up super-early and got all the kids ready to make Mass in Rogers by 8am!  It was totally a miracle we weren't late (especially with crazy morning traffic!).  It's not a Holy Day, but I asked the kids if they wanted to go, and they said yes.  They were pretty good-I was thankful since there was only one of me.

I've learned how absolutely hard it is to single-parent.  Yesterday Clay called, and he'd forgotten to take his medicine (since I forgot to give it to him!), and I was on my way to pick up Ethan at Mother's Day Out, so I couldn't rush over to the school.  It was stressful.  We made it, but whew-Long Day.

I'm also on my last two weeks of braces. Hooray!  ; )  On Monday, they made some changes, cut a wire, wired some teeth together, and added jaw-locking rubber bands (seriously-they go up and down on all brackets in the back all the way to the front, and then reach across my front teeth in a big X).  They are NOT fun.  I look like a crazy person and can't even lick my lips!  Oh, and talking is next to impossible.  (and Pain?  Won't even go there.  Let's just say I cried like a baby on Monday.)  I gave up yesterday morning, and took them out.  But last night, they were back in.  They are meant to give me a solid bite, since my back teeth barely touch.  I go back next Monday to check on things, and s-h-o-u-l-d get them out the next Monday.  I can't wait!  Never thought I'd have braces off and a baby within the same few weeks! ; )

Pray for the safety and health of all pregnant women, and for blessings as they choose Life! It's a long, hard wait for the joy at the end.  We are totally earning our Perseverence badge.  That's another one to sew on-I'm earning more lately. ; )


The Diabetic Camper said...

That is one crazy busy life you lead. Keep up the hard work.

Rachael said...

Thank you for your kind words! :-)

Meri said...

Hugs to you! You are doing an amazing job!