Monday, February 13, 2012

Card Tree

I finally figured out why it was taking me so long to write... ; )  I don't want to complain.  I have plenty I could whine and moan about..but I’m still thankful.  Of course, I'm still pregnant..and doing well. : )  Resting a lot more and growing!

And of course, I’ve been busy. ; ) Baby Carter’s room is finished!  I covered a lamp shade with the light blue toile, made a boppy cover with the white minky dot and the toile, added some art and pictures I got in Branson from P. Graham Dunn (love them-all Christian themed art!), and made a decoupaged C for his wall out of handwritten paper.  Ches also finished writing Carter’s prayer on his picture mat, and it is framed and hung.  We also ordered a new Baby Bjorn carrier for the summer (white and mesh, so it’s cooler!).  I’m SO happy to have things finished, so I feel ready for him..I even packed his diaper bag! ; )  Here are some updated pictures:
same-same, I think!

And..I’ve been making more valentine’s mailboxes!  I made some for friends, and finished the kids’.  I also found little buckets at Wal-Mart that were red with a big white heart on the front, so I put their names on them, and have finished their Valentine’s treasure hunt!  We did a treasure hunt last year for their little gifts (more emphasis on hunt, less on chocolate!), and I thought the end could be the buckets.  I put a few chocolates inside, and some rolled up gift certificates with bows-for their booty.  They are also getting some new books, and Mary Claire is getting money in her “Mom Bank” (she has a deposit book with all the money she’s earned!) for the Kindle she is still saving for, and I made her a new pump pouch.  Ethan is dying to have an SD Card with music for his Nintendo DS like his brother and sister, so I’ve got to put some music on it for him!
I used a font that looks like handwriting, so you can't tell their names are even in vinyl!

coupons : )

she really needed a new pump pouch! ; )
Lastly…we are getting ready for Mary Claire’s teacher’s birthday in a couple weeks.  ..and I made her a Card Tree!  (don’t laugh-I went back and forth trying to decide if it was cute, or just CrAzY!)  It is just a decoupaged tin pail with ribbon on the handle, and a big branch from my yard poked into some foam in the bottom.  (I did have to weight it with rocks to make sure it wouldn’t tip!)  I tied tiny clothespins all over the branches with different colored ribbons to hang note cards or gift cards for the teacher!  I used all Me & My Big Ideas papers on the sides with sweet little kid faces-so cute!  It’s so happy-looking, I can’t look at it and not smile. : )
The branch is pretty big! had to hold at least 24 clothespins! ; )

This is the bucket covered in paper, and the handle is all tied with ribbons. : )  She can always pull out the branch and foam, and just use the bucket.  Not everyone needs a big tree, heehee.

I covered the foam with the white shredded paper.  ..You can't look at those happy kids and be grumpy! ; )


Jen Snow said...

Awww...Ms. C's tree is so perky! You can't help but like it! :) The nursey seems so peaceful. I love it!! I really do love the branch with the birdhouses. It's still my favorite part!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

What a beautiful room...not that I would expect anything less! ;) You totally need to come "do" my house!!!

Love the treasure hunt idea...will have to plan to do that in the coming years for sure!

Oh, and the card tree is AWESOME! As a teacher, I always appreciate the 'nontraditional' gift that goes beyond apple themed stuff. Totally LOVE the kiddos!!