Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Shirt Design..and Still Going!

T minus two days till our Walk, and we're excited...but not ready.

Our T-shirt Saga continues.  The University of Arkansas had yet to approve our design yesterday at noon, so we went to Plan B: make a new design.
It was one of the ones I'd planned for, and I'd already sent a picture (last Friday) to the girls, so Maryanne worked on it, and had it redone yesterday afternoon.  I can't tell you what happened between 4pm yesterday (besides me thinking it'd be printed first thing this morning!), and today at 1pm, when I got an email asking me to finalize the design..again.

So, guess what?  T-shirt didn't get printed today.  : (  Very upset Holly, but trying to roll with the punches to avoid more stress.  They'll be printed tomorrow, and how I'll pass them all out...I don't know.  I have company coming at noon, and we were supposed to take the girls to get a mani-pedi, but it's looking less relaxing and more driving.

The bows are made, and I've attached half of them to french clip barrettes.  I got tired of standing, so I've quit for a while!  (I use the hot glue gun at a buffet-type table, but I should totally try it sitting down..)  There are 23 all together.  Gotta have cute girlies! ; )

We also got more rolls of ribbon to let the girls tie up their sleeves (if it's warm enough!), and I want some red fingernail polish for the girls to paint their nails if they want.  I did get our banners in the mail..and they are smaller than the ones I got last year!!  I never even thought to measure..I hope people can read them!  And..we got red polka-dotted fabric to cover our table, so if they mess up with the big deal! ; )

And...drum roll please..  I am still pregnant! : )  We had another ultrasound today, and that tiny heart is still going.  He said it looked like a teddy bear: tiny ears, and tiny arms/legs.  We got a picture from the front, but it's a cross-section, so kinda hard to see on a photo!  Still amazes me every time I see the doctor.  I had the full lab work-up today: four tubes of blood.  Ahh..yes, felt queasy, but I'm better at it by now.  Little Snickers, and I was good to go. ; )  So, a big nine weeks, and still going.  Makes me really wonder what the difference surgery last fall? Or the progesterone I'm on?  My friends' and families' prayers?  Or D, all of the above?  Whatever it is, I'm thankful. : )

I go back to the doctor next Wednesday, and then I'm an official OB patient. ; )  The next three or four weeks will be kinda hard-I've only made it to twelve weeks since I had Ethan.  Just pray for God's will and for me to be accepting. : )  So thankful for all of your sweet words and prayers for us-we know they are holding us up!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  And I pray for blessings ten times over on you. <3


Tracy1918 said...

Holly, you sound so happy! It makes me smile!

Misty said...

I am so happy for you..Hope you all have a great walk..and you get some rest for you and your family :)

Unknown said...

OK...only YOU would have a coordinating table cloth at the Walk! LOVE IT. AND....I think about you and your little growing peanut all the time. xo

Unknown said...

I didn't know you were pregnant! Congrats!!! How fun!

Jen Snow said...

So happy Holly!! I am so glad that you are doing well! Good News!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Just catching up the shirt design. Loved the it her one too. Love the ribbons, nail polish and table cloth ideas too! I am all over the organizational aspects of the walk, but when it comes to the creative, I'm lost. Your creativity and thoroughness astounds me! You're amazing!

I am ridiculously busy with the kids right now and haven't been able to blog (read, comment, write) as much as I'd like, but I want you to know that even when I'm busy, I'm still keeping you and your little one in my thoughts!


Mary Ella said...

Holly, we had a wonderful time at the walk today. We always leave talking about doing it again next year because it is fun, great family event and for a GREAT cause! I am praying for you. Love ya, April

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see it all come together!

Congrats on your thriving baby :)

God is good!

Holly said...

God bless you guys. <3 I am so exhausted..but I have pictures and a wonderful day to share! I have an orthodontist appointment (heehee), then I can share it all today..before Choir and a baseball game!
I swear I've been in bed since yesterday at 2:40. I'm resting, Mom! Love you! : )