Friday, September 9, 2011

Bless You!

Thank you so much for your sweet words and prayers.  They lift me up.  I'm doing fine (yay!).  I am taking my progesterone, and still going.  I go back to the doctor on Monday, and I'll ask for lab work again to check on things.  : )

So..we've been busy (surprise!) (but yes, I'm trying to get naps)  I helped Mary Claire yesterday with her Book Rocket (I don't know how they come up with these things!).  It was for the school book fair in the library next week.

They are made of anything, but they should represent a book.  Mary Claire chose Finally (she calls it 12 Finally) by Wendy Mass.  There's also 11 Birthdays and the newest...13 Gifts!  She can't WaiT to get it at the book fair next week! : )  So she asked me to print a picture of the cover to glue onto the (toilet paper) rocket.  She'd bought a sheet of peace sign scrapbook paper last week for it (I know it doesn't match..she just likes peace signs!)
Here's our picture (but we cropped out the "Click to LOOK INSIDE!" part ; )  thanks, Amazon!

The birthday candle was totally her idea: makes the rocket go faster and goes along with the book ; )  and the ribbon?  We have to have ribbon on everything!  Isn't it funny how it looks like a blindfold?

And it needed some glitter. ; )  Glitter around the picture, and glitter on some peace signs.  Glitter always adds some fun!
And today?  I worked on stuff for PRE (Parish Religious Education=Sunday School)!  It starts on Sunday (I'm also teaching Children's Liturgy during Mass-but Ches says I have to quit!)  I made some cute little cards with ACTS:
Adoration (adoring God and praising Him for who He is!)
Confession (sins separate us from God's love, confess your sins)
Thanksgiving (give thanks for all in your life and your world)
Supplication (pray for others and yourself)
for the kids and on the back: symbolic pictures with the seven sacraments.  My friend Tiffany and I are teaching the First Communion class, so it'll be really fun, rewarding, and demanding all at the same time.  We are really excited! : )  I also got a bunch of stickers, and divided them into baggies for the students to decorate their nametags, folders, and notebooks.

We are planning to have them write their prayers in their notebooks as they come in to the room using the ACTS prayer card reminder before we get started.  We have to prepare them for their first reconciliation (confession) too!

Anyway, we are nearly ready.  I'm praying for their hearts to be prepared to receive Jesus, and for their protection.  We are also praying for our protection (along with our families), since we are targets right now, bringing kids closer to Jesus.   I know..a million and one reasons for me to PRAY!

My sweet boys both have two baseball games tomorrow!  (well, baseball and teeball)  They are nearly at the same time, and Ches is coaching Ethan's team, so he can't watch Clay's games-and they overlap.  I hope they both know how much we love them even if we are walking back and forth from game to game! : ) We are just really fortunate they are playing at the same ballpark. : )

Alright, I have to take some medicine and get to bed.  I'm full of thankfulness to each of your sweet hearts for your time, patience, and prayers!  Thank you for rejoicing with us.  We are blessed to have Today.  Just today is all that's promised, and I had another great day. : )

ps-JDRF Walk Shirt Design is due to us on September 14th! ..Excited!! : )


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Very cute rocket! I like the rocket project better than Madeline's book report project, which was a puppet. As Madeline said, "puppets are so preschool!" ;)

I hadn't heard of Finally or the other 2 books, and I've been looking for new books for Madeline to read. So I'm glad you posted about them.

Peace signs are big in our house, too.

Juggling ball games--been there, done that! :)

Good luck with Sunday School and your doctor's appointment!

Leigh said...

Love Mary Claire's rocket!! Very her!! :) The candle was a great idea!!

Matt and I had date night tonight and we were walking around the promenade and I made him walk through Hollister. ;) It did smell really good! I thought of you. :)

I hate that we are missing the first t-ball games!! We will be in Little Rock. We already had tickets for the game and I didn't want them to go to waste. But we will miss it and I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

And finally... Can't wait to see your shirts!! I just sent an email with our order to my contact there. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all works out!!

Tracy1918 said...

Holly I love your heart. I really do!