Monday, May 17, 2010


I finally got my Disney picture cd in the mail today!  Yay!  I will post a few pictures, even though the trip was about a month ago now.  Happy Memories.  I'm still glad we went, it changed some yuck into good. : )  Here's my favorite:
So sweet..makes me remember that night.. the night we got rained on running back to the car, and we smelled.  Ahh..good times!  heehee  That's what family is made of (not bad smells, just shared memories!).
Oh, and tinkerbell!  She was so cute!
And let's not forget the Buzz Lightyear Experience:
If you totally forgot the story (or didn't hear about it..) you can read it here.
Ok, so on with the show.  Today we were up early again, and had to hit the ground running.  It's going to be a busy week, and today I had to fit in grocery shopping and laundry.  Ethan and I also stopped by a couple houses..just for fun.  I really like one of them, but I'd probably want it rebuilt on a different lot.  It looks out into chicken houses and some barn/lean-to/horse stall things.  I love the house (smaller kid rooms and smaller garage size), but good.  Ches likes the idea of less yard to take care of, and I could clean less (maybe).  It's just a thought.  We always toy with the idea, and we are thinking.  I think if you aren't always conscious of what's going on in life, you aren't living.  I don't want to just coast along-I want to be actively involved.  That may involve downsizing!  We'll see how things go.
Tomorrow, another doctor's appointment for me.  I am going back to see my ob/gyn again.  We'd made an appointment to talk after the specialist appointment, but I already know my blood work was all fine.  Now, I guess we talk about what happens next.  Ches and I talked last night, and I decided (more me than him) that I could only do this one more time.  I can't take an endless stream of disappointment, so there has to be an end in sight if it continues to be devastation.  I have to know I can move on with my life.  I can live either way, and I'll be okay; I just want to know.  The not knowing what will be in a year is hard.  I'd like to plan for the future, whatever it is. I'd planned to go back to school before we decided to try again (and it became a passion-who knew!).  So, I'm psyching up for my morning appointment, and I'd like to go alone.  I have to discuss real options and what will happen.  I can't tell Ches to stay home, but I might if he asks.  If it's pregnancy, it's our decision, if it's my body, I think it's mine.  So pray for me!
Tomorrow is also Bunco (and we don't know where yet!), and Clay's baseball game.  Mom is watching Mary Claire and Ethan in the overlap, it's just crazy.  Wednesday gets worse with Girl Scout ceremony, JDRF ambassador event at Gator Golf (I'll have to take Ethan too), and another baseball game.  Summer will be a welcome calm after the storm!  We can't wait-although then the camps start..
Genevieve is still doing well.  Now, we can set her out the door, she'll do her business and come back to the door and bark!  She's so good.  She eats her meals, poops (sorry, but if you have a pet you understand) afterward, and takes a couple naps a day-we're kinda on a schedule!  I like a routine so we both know what to expect!  The only thing she's doing not-so-great is some chewing.  She's chewed my nice Pottery Barn bath mat, my wicker cubes & hamper, and some shoes. Mostly we've caught her before she's caused major problems.  She kinda chews/bites at the kids' heels/pants, and that makes them crazy.  Ethan is actually the bravest.  I think it might be since he's with her the most.  He'll play with her, run with her, and isn't afraid to pet her.  It seems like Mary Claire is still skittish (can you spell it better?) around her, and Clay will jump up on the couch to avoid her snappy playfulness.  They call her Nipper since she nips their heels.  Her bites don't hurt, but their fear makes them hurt.  Mary Claire cries.  Hope it gets better.
Ok, I should go to bed...Just one more picture: our day in Hollywood Studios!
Notice anything familiar?  Look closely... Yes, these were the same clothes we wore to Magic Kingdom in the very first picture!  We'd spent the day at Hollywood Studios, but I had to go back for the Wishes Fireworks-I just love going back at night-it's a whole other spirit being so close to so many people, and hearing Jiminy Cricket talk to you about dreams and wishes, and seeing Tinkerbell fly across the sky-so magical.  It's always worth going back, even the fifth and sixth times...
Take some time with the ones you love, even if it's a puzzle, game, a walk outside, or a vacation!  It helps you see the world in a whole new way.


The Ware's said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures.. and definitely good advice to close with... good luck tomorrow.. thinking of you!

The Mom said...

THANKS Holly~ 7 p.m. on Monday. Yes, I truly appreciate you. L & H
p.s. great photos:)

Holly said...

THank you, Sandra! It went okay, maybe I'll write about it later.. I'm just near the end- and can't go forever! I'm delaying writing you back about the bball game since MC has a Girl Scout outing to a movie on Sat. at 1pm. I'll ask her what she wants to do maybe? I promise to tell you soon-today!
Mom-What's 7pm on Monday? I"m confused. thanks-I loved the pictures too!! : )

Anonymous said...

**smiles** Call and find out;)