Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Blink!

Ethan had Mother's Day Out-his last one this year.  I was sad to end an era.  He goes to preschool this fall, so he is now officially a big boy.  His teachers were so sweet and made him a laminated scrapbook with pictures from the year.  Ches picked him up, which was good and bad.  I missed out on the good-byes-I would've been a mess, so it's probably better.  I am just emotional period!
Today was supposed to be Mary Claire's orthodontist appointment, but I forgot!  I called an hour after the appointment (when I finally looked at my calendar), and made her a make up appointment next Tuesday.  I felt bad, but they didn't seem to mind.  It's only a 15 minute appointment to get her spacers, so it will probably be fine.
I shopped and kept decorating..more candles, rocks, shells, glass, a picture frame.  And...guess what I made this afternoon?  I have been wanting a huge chalkboard, and I decided I needed one (to try) over the fireplace.  Maybe with a poem, a recipe..something!  So..I painted a huge canvas!  Take a look: disregard all the other stuff laying around.  It is exciting!  I haven't tried to write on it yet, but I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.  I used regular paint, but I can always wipe it with a wet paper towel.  The paint bottle says it's permanent after it's dry, so *fingers crossed*!
I was trying to get ready for a trip to Little Rock tomorrow to take Mary Claire, but she cried after school since she was going to miss the Fairy Tale Ball at 1:30.  We got out the Halloween dress I got her for this fall (got it last November first-on sale!)'s a longgg princess dress.  And that's the problem (well, besides that she was going to be gone).  I have now dried it for about 30 minutes-and it won't shrink!  It's too long!  She said she doesn't care.  I just know she'll rip it, but she insists.  And she has at least 6 other dress-up dresses, but she wants the new one, of course.  So..I rescheduled her appointment for July 7th, so we'll be in town tomorrow.  It works better anyway-I'm always in the mood to wait to go to Little Rock!  and she gets to go to school and the Ball. : )
Ok, so on to our evening!  The kids swam for a tiny bit, and we had a great dinner-I've learned that grilling can be faster than :cooking:.  I got fresh corn on the cob yesterday, and today I learned how to cook it!  I just peeled the husks off, brushed it with olive oil, and wrapped the cobs in foil.  I grilled them at about 350 degrees for 15 minutes-oh, so good!  and pork chops and french bread.  Easy, and fast!  Clay wanted more corn, so I'll have to make more next time.
Then we had Clay's baseball game.  We prayed before dinner that Clay would have a good game, and get a hit.  I felt like I needed to be there, especially tonight.  He was playing a good team, and he needed support.  Ches went early, since he had to be there by five.  We went a little later, and Mary Claire was giving me SO much grief.  She didn't want to go, wanted to know why we had to go, etc.  But, ha!  She got to play with a couple girls, climb all over the bleachers, have a ring pop:

And then..Ethan had to have a Pacifier (that's what it looks like!):
It was actually a good game!  His team lost, but they put up a good fight!  Clay did indeed get a hit, got tagged out on the way to second, but we were still proud of him.  He was happy, and that counts.  I was so glad that I went.  I met a new mom (it's a small world!), and got to see his hit.  I hung around for the after party (coach's talk):
These kiddos are growing up fast!  I sure hope I don't miss it.


The Ware's said...

Can't wait to see your new creations - the chalkboard stuff reminded me of a new product I wanted to tell you about... SU! will have chalkboard stick ons - the vinyl pieces that stick on things... they look like a lot of fun! One day I'll have to show you My Digital Studio - that's what I've used for our holiday greetings lately too ... so fun! Anyway - enjoy your decorating... see you again soon!

Holly said...

Thanks! It turned out pretty well : )
I'd love to see the chalkboard stick-ons! Are they on your site? Sounds fun!
Yes, we'll have to go again and let the bigger kids play too! : ) And..I'll have to resume library days too!