Friday, May 8, 2009

Plastic is Gone! Much Rejoicing Ensues! : )

What a day! And can I say I'm relieved!! : ) This morning was chaos-I had to reach behind the plastic for their vitamins, and to write her lunch note, and then go under to the hearth room where the kids were already up watching tv, then out of the plastic to get Mary Claire's meter to check her, then back up the dangerous plastic-coated stairs to get them some clothes for the day, then down to dig through the plastic for some bowls and behind more plastic for cereal, then Ches had cut ahole in plastic to get through to the refrigerator, then under the plastic wall to the breakfast table, then out to get Ethan's medicine and mix it into a drink, then back through the plastic to get their backpacks out and loaded, then back to brush their hair, then in the gross Plastic Chaos, I left her lunch note at home! I sheltered Ethan in the bedroom, started getting myself around, and then the sky was Dark and Ominous-a storm was moving in!!

Soon after darkness hit, I got a call from Mary Claire's teacher that they had canceled the field trip, and were in SHELTER! There had been tornado warnings farther north with lots of damage, and so it was a precaution. They had all of first grade in one room at the beginning of the hall. It was quite fun as Mary Claire reported! : ) Crowded, but fun!

Then, I got worried to leave-I mean DArkNeSS was here! So, I stayed and we goofed off with Ethan (code for Chased Him Down repeatedly, and brought him Back to the Bedroom). He had his bath (until he started slinging the WET washcloth up against the window and wall). Then we moved our carpet party of snacks and wetness to the office and he pigged out on raisins, nuts, blueberries and cheese-things we could get to in the kitchen! Then they moved the ladders and Ches had to go around the front of the house to put the big cheese block into the garage fridge so it didn't go bad.

Next, more fun ensued. Ethan pranced around, played ball, and looked for Trouble (his best friend). He danced over into the corner, and danced ON my picture frames, and Surprise, Surprise, he broke the glass, and cut his foot. (My day just gets better and better.) So, we did the run to the sink and wash it, then the band-aid party (Lightning McQueen, of course), then a tickle fest to get his mind off it, then finally, after we were all cabin-fevered, we went Out. Our favorite! We put shoes on (to hold the band-aid in place), and tromped off to (can't believe my spell check let that one through!) Target for Clay's friend's gift, my friend a gift card, to spend my $10 gift certificate to JCPenney's (bought a new Yankee Candle!), then to pick up Ches a pizza at Guido's since I was going out to lunch with Jen! Well, after I had towalk in and get it, I was HuNGrY for Guido's, so after getting home, getting them settled and (NEWSflash: the plastic was down!!) cleaning up the piling dishes all over the house since we couldn't get to the kitchen sink, I met Jen, lunched, then picked up the kids, got Clay ready for his FiRsT sleepover (maybe that's why I'm staying up so late tonight-are they going to call?) which involved wrapping a present, making a card, repairing his sleeping bag (sewing and zipper repair), washing him a pair of jeans (well, I haven't exactly been able to get back there!), and making him pack underwear (I told him to twice, then he told me he had them, but when I went thru his bag, there were NoNe! Boy. As in NOT a girl.)

Okay, fun continued with the Cleaning Frenzy. Vacuuming, cleaning up GeoTrax, wiping down all the paint dust. Ick. Then I ran down, moved to FB and blog, and now I'm expiring....

But. I'm reading the bEST book! It's Jen Lancaster's new book, Pretty in Plaid, and she's hilarious as usual!! The girl scout parts are the best!! I can totally identify, and it IS all about the badges! : ) heehee


Gigi said...

Busy mom works and plays~~

Nice gift and card for 'da momma

Thankful I am...I am ..

Cat in garage, so cute so pretty..

I can't keep her, I am itching like mad..

She is off to the farm with lots of other animals to keep her company and hopefully she will have a long and stable life..

Kathy R. says 'hello'..

Mary P. at P>O> says 'hello'..

What a busy day I had yesterday...Yikes!!

Holly said...

See how it feels? Like chaos has taken over? I am feeling better just knowing that my house is returning to normal. I am changing out for my summer decor, and haven't put the furniture back in yet-I've got the big ladder by the fireplace to change out the stuff, and we played Hullabaloo for over an hour on the big carpet. It's funny, when there's no furniture in there, we use it tons, but if there is, we never go in there-weird.