Monday, May 4, 2009

Don't YOU need a new hot pink purse?

Well, I was quite productive! I had the runaround to deposit a check in the bank (insurance check for my painter made out to me AND ches AND my mortgage co, so I took it, it was refused due to lack of mortgage co signature-what?-then went to mortgage bank, had to wait almost 20 minutes for signature, then she told me to *be careful* that the check was *endorsed* and Just Like Cash-since I look 12 or something-then ran it back to my bank-all so dumb), and got plants, and had ice cream, and made it to Hobby Lobby for new wreath material, returned more library books, and got my plants planted before the rain!, met the painter, paid his deposit, gave slippery baths, read more Ramona Quimby, Age 8, ordered new purses and shoes (use code MACYSFF for 25% off and free shipping TONIGHT ONLY!!), and caught up on emails, and had to feed my family leftover Southwestern Soup due to my productiveness. They didn't complain, so all's well. : )

Tomorrow is Mother's Day Out, and I haven't decided whether or not to send Ethan. He's better, no fever in over a week, but I just worry about him catching something new, and everyone is just crazy over this H1N1 virus! I don't want anyone getting anything! The painters start tomorrow, and will be here till Friday. I don't know whether I should be worried when I'm alone with them. Ches will be here some, but has a meeting tomorrow at lunch. I also have Clay's Reading Restaurant tomorrow from 8:15-10am. So, I'll have to run over there either before I drop Ethan or afterward. Both ways, I can only stay a little while.

My desk is all a mess. Again. What on Earth happens to this space? It's like my mail threw up and my kids played in it. Papers, pictures, water bottle, phone, folders, pump pouches, a ring I ordered (and haven't decided if I'm going to keep), and all sorts of things-none of them in their places. : ( A messy desk makes me feel messy.

Do you help with your Mother's Day gift? Is it better to get something you really need, or leave it to chance? A couple of years ago, I told Ches to take the kids to WM and just let them pick out some stuff for me. Never again. They visited the office supplies department, and got me a pack of 10 short, colored, Sharpie markers (that you can hang on things ?), and a pack of 4x6 photo paper (that I've never used), colored post-its (that I did use), and some pens (that I used up). I am a tad more specific these days. Last year, I took the kids to Brighton and told them to surprise me. I had the lady wrap the gifts, and it was so fun! (for me!) So, this year, I ordered a ring my friend recommended. It's very pretty, but very square-ish, and flat. You'd have to see it. Here. It's just great, but maybe not for my short fingers with no nails. It doesn't make me feel like a better mom, but I found something maybe better! I found the Macy's sale (thanks, Mom!) and ordered a couple purses (hot pink and a green) and some shoes. I think I feel better already! : ) I hope I like at least one of them!

We are headed to Disney on the 14th, so I thought it'd be nice to have a smaller purse to wear across my body, so I'm trying it. It's like 8.5 inches square (theme here?), with a long strap, so we'll see. Wanna see it too? I've figured this out! Here. Ok, I tried that one, and you have to click on the hot pink color to make the purse pink-so cute.

Alright, the coffee is wearing off, and I must sleep. Hope you have a great Mother's Day with something YOU want (hot pink purse?) rather than something you need (post-its). B : )


Gigi said...

~~fun day, fun day, all around the square~~

(and the park)

~~new purse, new shoes, makes for things to later share~~~

~~busy mom shops new york from her chair~~

~~and now I have a handbag coming thru the mail all wrapped with care~~~

p.s. I thought you were getting one like mine? Did you get the wallet? Also, I woke up with what felt like a hangover, does chocolate for breakfast, lunch and snack do that? Ooops, forgot about our kiddie lunch.. ;o)

I had nutella on my broiled french bread for dinner..ended the day with a BANG~~~~

If you haven't tried NUTELLA, you have to bite the bullet and try it, on toast, on bread, on anything. It's the new chocolate!

C'est la vie

Holly said...

Well, I got a green one that I liked (tote style), and a hot pink one that is smaller that I can carry across me for our trip.
I think I had hangover also-chocolate, of course. It's fine, I medicated with m&m's, so I'm fine now! : )