Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back-to-School Top Ten

There are things I *love* about back-to-school time, and things that make me not-so-thrilled.  Let's see if I can sum up the greats in just ten:

10: Buying school clothes!
9: Buying and organizing back-to-school stuff (I really like it..sorry!)
8: Seeing friends and other parents! : )
7: Writing those first-day-of-school notes for their lunch boxes!
6: I'm up and moving super early.
5: The laundry is more likely to get finished (and put away!)
4: The kids are passed out by nine. ; )
3: They are so happy to see me after school!
2: Grocery time alone. ; )
1: They have AMaZiNG rules! : )  All thank you's, yes sir's, and no bragging:

And the not-so-greats for people like me?
Yep, read the starred area entitled Late Fees.
Late Fees do not apply to paying your (automatic draft) late.  No, they mean if your four-year-old is late to preschool!  Can you read the print?  50 cents/minute/student (thank goodness it's only one!) for the first ten minutes, then $1/student/minute after ten minutes!! Umm..maybe we'll be on time?

And tomorrow? American Girl Bed! : )

*I remembered another one... #11: Sometimes I can sneak in a nap! : )  Do you have any more to add?


Jen Snow said...

I'm enjoying the earlier bed times! :) Although, it's hard for me to get earler to bed and I'm the one that has to get up the earliest in the morings!! :( I'll get there...eventually! LOL Jen

ADMIN said...

Waste Management of Los Angeles is teaming up with the Los Angeles Sparks (WNBA) for the 'Bag your Shoes' campaign happening now! The goal is to collect 1,000 pairs of shoes! Come down and "recycle" your shoes, see you at the game!

Unknown said...

Don't be a minute late for preschool.


Happy School Year :)

Holly said...

Jen- I KNOW!! I am getting up first AND going to bed last!!! I'm hoping I'll have it down within a couple more weeks? : )
Wendy-girl, I know it!!! We were a few minutes late today, and I was adding in my head...$2.50. Not bad. ; ) haha!

Rachael said...

I LOVE your blog design it looks awesome! Wow, if the world ran on a schedule of rules, and late fees, this world would be perfect! ;)

Thanks for the awesome post!