Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preschool Stripey Sheets

I finally got my new blog layout! : )  Erin with Designer Blogs did it, and I love all the color : )  The stripes kinda goes along with the little project I just finished..

Ethan started a new preschool (yes, he's still in his Mother's Day Out on Tuesdays where he started two weeks ago, but this is a three-day-program! Yay!)..and he had to have a flat crib sheet for the cot he sleeps on for naptime. (have you ever heard of such a thing?) So, we inquired... and found out that it's half of a twin sheet!

I found a super cute stripey one at Wal-Mart (for $5.00! that's cheap fabric!), and cut it in half.  I ironed it, put a new seam down the cut side, and ironed it all.  Then I added his name to the big wide hem, and voila: Flat Crib Sheet!

And then..since I had extra fabric (half a twin's worth!), I decided to try to make a matching mini-pillowcase for the pillow he loves for school.  It's just a boudoir pillow filler from Hobby Lobby (I think it's 12x18), and a little pillowcase.  We got the original pillowcase from Pottery Barn, but had his name added after we purchased it..and it was coming off! : O
Can you see the top left of the 'E' missing?
Anyway, I wanted a new one to match his stripey sheet. : )  So, I laid down the pillowcase onto the fabric, and cut about 1/2 inch all the way around it.  On this side, I added an extra 4" so that I would have the little "tuck" feature (where you tuck in your pillow so you can't see the filler).
This cut side is 12.5" W x 26" L

And this cut side is 12.5" W x 22" L (just enough for a turned-under hem and a 2.5" end to monogram ; )

Then I ironed down the seams, pinned, sewed the end seam and folded..remember it has to stay open for the "tuck" inside the pillowcase.

I placed right sides together, and sewed the three sides together.

Finally, I kept it inside-out, and sewed a line all the way around the pillowcase making the "end"..turned it right side out, and monogrammed it! : )

Here is the "tuck"..see how you can't see the filler? ; )

And here is his matching set.  All ready for preschool.  (and his kinda-matching Toy Story blanket in the background!)  Yep, all for $5!
And?  He loves preschool-totally makes my day. : )  I told him we had all day together tomorrow (doesn't school make you appreciate the home days?), and he just whined that he wanted to go to school!  (I guess I should be thankful?)


The Ware's said...

Cute stuff and great to hear he likes school - where is he going? Nora can't wait to start.. couple more weeks!!

Stephanie said...

LOOOOOVVVE your new blog layout! So cool. :) And so glad to hear he likes preschool. I have to admit, I miss having a preschooler around! I was so sad not to be in the parking lot of our church preschool this year, chatting with all the moms.

Leigh said...

LOVE the sheets... LOVE your background... and LOVE that I just finally read your prayer list tab and saw Aiden on it. Thank you!! You are really too sweet, my friend. I appreciate you!!

Tracy1918 said...

You are very creative!

And....CUTE blog design. : )

The DL said...

How cute!! I love his name on it!! I am sure all the other kids are going to be jealous :)