Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wal-Mart. Hmph.

Ahh..with antibiotics and Advil Cold and Sinus on board..I feel 85% better! : )  I went to the doctor yesterday to get a prescription (because of the new rules!), and come to find out..it's just Wal-Mart that requires the Rx!!  Collier's and Walgreen's still sell them over-the-counter.  Guess where I'll be shopping...

So..I've been cleaning.  I had so much to do!  I even cleaned out the play-doh tub (you know all those hard, yucky bits that fall to the bottom of the tub?), and sorted all our crayons, markers, scissors, and glues.  We must have at least a hundred new pencils.  We buy new ones every year-they ask for 24 every year-but we get at least half back.  (Good, I guess?)  We also buy new school boxes every year, so I had about 15 in the cabinet.  I threw away four-and it felt so good to have more space in there!

I also cleaned upstairs (I don't think I've been up there in a couple days!)...and then I saw Ethan's baby monitor out from under his bed.  I picked it up, unplugged it, and put it away.  We haven't turned it on in at least a year, but I keep it for "just in case".  I think it's time to let it go.

Ethan, however, didn't feel the same way.  He got all upset, saying he needed his walkie-talkie!  He insisted I give it back, and then insisted he have the cord.  I don't know if he realizes he has to have the other one to communicate with anyone, or if he's just playing!

All the cleaning isn't necessarily in vain.  I have a horrible memory (can't remember a movie a couple months after I've seen it), and I've lost something.  I hid it, but can't remember for the life of me where I hid it!  I'll find it..I just hope it doesn't take a year!

Last night, we went to Wal-Mart (I know..but it was post Advil) to stock up on a few groceries, and mostly ice cream bars (the 100 calorie minis!), ice cream, yogurts..I think I was feeling chocolate dairy-ish!  Anyway, we heard an enormous clap of thunder!  We looked at each other, and I was worried.  Ches went to get the van, and I finished up quickly.  I went to the check out, and the checker started scanning.  We got about five bags in (and I'd scanned my debit card) when-Bam!  The lights all went out-I. Mean. ALL.

They came back on in about three seconds, the registers restarted their systems, and a manager came along to tell us everything would have to be rescanned.  I put all the bags back on the conveyor, just in time to have all the lights go out again.  This time there were a few light bulbs on throughout the store.  I'm guessing emergency lights?  It stayed that way for 15 minutes-no registers, no lights-and they locked the doors.  The managers told us to stay at the front of the store, they opened flashlights and batteries, and swept the store to get everyone to the front.  I was worried there was a tornado, so I started calling Ches and our babysitter-the kids were at home!

Then I was watching the weather-the checker didn't have her phone, and everyone was calm, but near panic.  Ches said the parking lot was dark too, so he couldn't tell what had happened.  After about 20 minutes, the managers told the workers to front candy and magazine shelves, and I was left at the checkout-Weird!  I asked another employee how long it'd be, and she said she'd overheard that the electricity had gone out, then backup kicked in, then it had failed.  It'd be at least 30-45 minutes for more power, and if it took longer, they'd send all the employees home till morning. (!)  I'd had enough-I left all my chocolate dairy goodness and called Ches to pick me up since the rain had let up a little.  

I stepped through the four people guarding the door (door=singular!), and tried to stay close to them since there was a light coming from the entry-so Ches could see me-we're talking blackness!  He drove up-seemed like forever waiting-and we left.  I'm not traumatized, but it was weird.  Seems like they should have a back-up plan for their back-up plan.  I mean, they are Wal-Mart!  I have such high expectations. : )

Now..it is the next day..and I still need groceries.  Think we'll eat play-doh and drink glue.  I have plenty.


Gigi said...

Whatcha looking for? Nothing like high adventure in the depts of closets. Again, thank you:0). Love xo

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Ugh! What an ordeal...and at WalMart!!
WooHoo on the organizing...such a great feeling. Sure hope you find what you are looking for! Hate it when I hide things that well! :)

Unknown said...

I always say Walmart is a great form of birth control...hate it...but it is a necessary evil. Glad you made it out!!! UGH.