Saturday, August 13, 2011

TShirt Design, Anyone

Thank the Lord!  My letters are done...and in the MAiL!  (they won't actually go anywhere short of that big blue box on Joyce Blvd. since it was too late..but still..In. The. Mail!)  Yay!

It's a lot of work with the writing, printing, copying, pulling sticky labels off the printer wheels, matching the labels to the stamp colors, and kissing them goodbye!  It's a monumental task, that I'm so thankful to call it done. ; )

And now..on to t-shirt design.  Every year we do a new t-shirt design for our team to fit the yearly theme.  This year's theme is "Lights, Camera, CURE!" so I'm a little..stumped.  I first tried to go with the movie angle..thinking of a movie to illustrate on the front (Forest Gump's 'Life is like a box of chocolates', Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, Chocolat, etc.) and now maybe I'll just do the theme with some illustrations?  Although Ches just had a good idea: Mary Claire Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Cure! : )  I think it's great, but now I have to figure out how to throw in pink or something to pitch it to the girl! ;)

And here are my other ideas...
Gnomeo & Juliet...find a CURE!

Mary Claire Jones and the..Raiders of the Lost Cure!

Finding (a) Cure!  (Nemo)

Cure Story (Toy Story)

Curable Me (Despicable Me)

Kung Fu Cure!

Adventures in CureLand! (Wonderland)

Peter Pan: Finds a Cure in Neverland!

Princess and the Cure (Frog)

Any ideas?? Please?  I'll send you a free shirt if we choose your idea! : )


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

This is my first year and I'm a little overwhelmed at this point. I signed our team up TODAY! I sent out e-mails and hope to hit the neighborhood tomorrow.

A movie reel might be a cute touch to your shirts.

I wish I had more time to be more creative. I'm just getting "Team Andrew" on the front with Walk to Cure Diabetes on the back.

Have fun with the t-shirt design!

Gigi said...

Mary Claire AKA Nancy Drew and The Hunt for the Forever Cure!

Unknown said...

Good luck! I am so in awe that you change it up each year. You are amazing. I just stick with the "BUDDIES". xo

Leigh said...

I love "the Princess and the Cure(frog)" and you could have a cartoon MC looking princess (in a Tiana dress, of course) kissing a frog that has something on it that says "cure" (like a crown or sash or something) and pump stuff laying on the ground.

Ohhhhh, or "Cures are a Girl's Best Friend" and have kind of a Marilyn theme either in the pink dress or the white subway dress. Or not have a picture of Marilyn (or MC dressed like Marilyn), but have just a pink shirt that could be all bling-y (they can do that at Zortees in Fayetteville - where Party House used to be. I can get you their number). But I guess that would NOT be good for boys at all. Maybe they could have a non-blingy version of the shirt.

Good LUCK! I want one, whatever you decide! Emma will too! So just let me know how much and I will get you the sizes and money. :)

Holly said...

Nikki-You are doing incredibly stress!! Team Andrew is perfect! We always put her team name on too : )

Mom-good idea-pink is involved, she's happy!! : )

Leigh-I'll have to let the graphic artist take that on..I can only do words!! haha! : ) Sounds great-I think I'll give them ideas, and see what they come up with? I'd love to have shirts blinged, but I usually order about 75 (and I can't pay to bling them all!) : ) Maybe MC's? (and Emma's? haha!) I'll totally get you guys shirts! : )

Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Do you have 75 people on your team? I'm a little confused with this part of the walk. Who do you hand your t-shirts out to? It's just our family of 5 that will be walking this year.


Holly said...

Yes, but this is our seventh year!! It was slow growing-it's taken a long time to get here! : ). I start with a letter campaign, then in the letter ask them to walk with us or to please donate! Slowly they'll try it with us, have fun, see what it means to us and Mary Claire, and come back!
You will get there!! The first year, I ironed on designs and we only had a few walkers too! We have to start somewhere! : )
We pay for a shirt for each person who walks with us. We turn in the expense on our taxes-I don't know if it actually helps us any! : )

Hallie Addington said...

I just sent off our letters and our shirt is in the works! We are Princess ____'s Dream Team! THis year we are doing a rocker princess - I'm excited to see it!

I like Leigh's idea of "A cure is girl's best friend". CUTE! Our walk last year was "Cure Story - to Insulin Independence and Beyond!" You could do a space theme. Pink astro suits and all!

Our shirts last year were Cinderella themed. And I had the words to "A dream is a wish your heart makes" on the back. Fitting, I thought.

If you went with the Raiders theme she would be wearing pink camo. With a cute D bag instead of that bag he had!

I'll keep thinking.... but I know whatever you do will be great!

Jen Snow said...

such cute ideas!! I know that yours will be wonderful!! I love Hallie's "a dream is a wish your heart makes". :) Don't stress! You'll do great!

Holly said...

Thanks, Reyna!! I guess I do add too much.. ; )
Hallie-I like the Dream idea...I bet they were adorable!! I wanted to do a big cupcake on a lavendar shirt, but it's not fitting our theme this year! ; ) still working on getting it right! (but I love Cure Story!!) and we could do potato head and Barbie and the unicorn! : ). Hmm..
Jen-thanks! We'd love to have YOU walk with us!!

Kendra said...

Oh my! I am SO behind on reading blogs!!! I always love your t-shirt Holly, you are so super creative. :)

You could do something with STARS, lots of shiney stars (Mary Claire's name on the shiniest of stars)...just a thought. By now you probably have them made and!

Praying for a CURE!! Oh, and I nearly fell out at how much your kids have changed. I am in denial that mine have too. They are so grown and still so adorable!! :)

Kendra :)