Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sick Day

Today was a Sick Day.
Ethan spent the night with Gigi (his first night away from us!), and this morning..he got SiCK!  He threw up at her house, then in the car on the way home..then all day. : (

It is never fun when someone you love (especially your baby!) is sick.  He had icky poop and threw up every hour or two.  We'd wait about an hour or two after the last episode and give him a couple sips of Sprite..and then he'd throw up.  He consumed only about 4 oz. from last night to tonight at six.

I called the doctor's office, and they said I could give him one of Mary Claire's zofran dissolving tablets to help him with the nausea and vomiting.  While he was sleeping, I g-e-n-t-l-y put it under his tongue.  (he never woke up!)  Then, when it had been about 30 minutes, I went to check the tablet progress.  He had some white foamy stuff, so I used a dropper to drop a teensy bit of water onto the foam..I know chancey, but it helped wash the stuff down his throat! ; )

By the time we woke him for dinner (three hours later!), he was fine.  He had a tiny bit of Sprite, some rice, applesauce, and a bite of plain potato.  I gave him a bath (I'd used so many baby wipes on him..he needed a wash!), and then feeling really brave..we went to Ches' office to finish up.

He changed offices in 2007 (and I thought it'd only been two years, boy time flies!), and I've never been back to help organize.  We hung his diplomas, pictures, and more stuff..I cleaned out his fridge, then the kids and I cleaned out the "busy" desk drawer-it was full of super-old calculators, hardened rubber bands, old coins (Clay found a 1954 penny, and was so excited!), and even those old mini-tapes.  Mary Claire wanted them for her American Girl.  ha!  I can't believe I haven't been there in so long..and that he never felt it was time to clean. ; )  We left piles of stuff in the hall for trash..and shredded bags worth of student papers.  (and bags..meaning the big clear, shredder bags-50 gallon bags!  He was holding on to old tests!  He actually had reused them with some scan-trons, but Hell-o!  Some were written on, and I bet some made it back to dorm rooms!  You have to change up the tests, every year!)  He is so sweet, and thinks no one would cheat.

Alright, I should go..I have to check on some babes!  Praying that God heals my children, and praising Him that Aiden finally has his pump!  God is good.

*and see?  I didn't say the words "green throw-up", "undies straight to the trashcan", or "letting him use my pads in his undies".'s all good! : )  Now, he can't say I embarrassed him when he was little. ; )

Oh, and ps!  I found my thingie!! Yay! : )  (it's an ipod/heart rate monitor..gone missing!)  (Get this.  I'd taken it on the trip, but found it when I cleaned out my car today.  I should celebrate..with some chocolate ice cream...filled with Reese's.  Isn't it appropriate?)  Yay!


Unknown said...

AWWW...hope everyone kept everything down through the night Holly...and love the embarassing comments that you didn't say that you said...LOVE IT. xo

Leigh said...

I think Reeses are exactly the appropriate celebration for that finding!! Lol!! Oh, I hope Ethan feels better soon!! That is so not fun at all. Emma had it a while back and puked in my car!! :( but bless her heart, I just hate that feeling and feel so sorry for them. But Thank God (for real) and Cheve for BIG rubber floor mats or YUCK!! Plus on top of Emma feeling bad and all if that, I was like "oh don't touch Aiden" and "don't breathe towards Aiden". I am so scared for him to get it!! And thanks for the prayers for the pump!! I am loving it so far!!