Tuesday, March 8, 2011


You can make these Chunky Chocolate Gobs, only if you are on the Braces Diet (or if you have somewhere to send these things...Boy Scout Dad/Lad Bake-Off..or to the kids' teachers!
First you start with the fat/sweet. (YUM!)
Then add the chocolate flour.
Add extra-chocolate: chopped Oreos and Mounds bars : )
Make your daughter extra-happy by letting her *hold* the chocolate chips (and smell them) (and let her have 6) (but her blood sugar will be high, and she'll drive you nuts, so proceed with CauTiON!)
Put on parchment paper 2" apart, and make son happy by letting him scrape bowl.  Make laundry wait, it's not-so-important.
And..deliciousness comes out of the oven.
Yes, if you imagine they are what they look like, you aren't so hungry anymore. ; )
Your best bet is to package them, and get them out of the house ASAP.  Some for the bake sale.. (add the recipe so they can make more..to get them out of their houses share them too!)
Last few...for the teachers.  Teachers need chocolate, and I gotta make them disappear.  I was capable of chewing them when they were all melty, so they had to be wrapped in plastic and pronto.  For their safety.
No, these are totally unhealthy, unless..you count the protein from the coconut in the Mounds, the happy endorphins from the chocolate, and the whole grains from my wheat flour.  Um..other than that?  Pure indulgence.  (and a happy profit for local boy scouts!)


The Mom said...

Whoa~~ Looks delicious~

Holly said...

There's one left..with your name on it ! : ). They were Ahhh-mazing..I would make them again-they were so big, it only made 24!although, I think if I made them smaller, they'd still be good!

The Mom said...

Dad just read the page and he said "I want one of those cookies" !!

Jen Snow said...

wow! those look awesome!! save me one next time you make those!! :)

Holly said...

Umm..there's only one left (so you'll have to share it with dady!) I totally resisted it today--I could hear it calling my name!

Jen, I'll send you on the next time I make them!! In fact, we'll all have one, and you can have the rest-they were dangerous!! ; )