Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ahh..finally a warm day!  Spring is just around the corner (Sunday, people!), and we are finally feeling it.  Yay!  Today began baseball practice for Clay.  I let him take the phone with him, since there was time between when his daddy left after the parent meeting and I picked him up (maybe 45 minutes?), and I wanted him to be able to call me!  Funny enough, he did.
His coach had said practice would be over around dark (7:45ish), so I made it there at 7:37, thinking I'd be a little early.  When I was two streets away, he called me.  That had to be the first time ever.  He never wants to pretend he knows me.  Yes, it happens at ten.
Anyway, he was in love with the phone, and wanted to chat, chat, chat, then he talked to me (on the phone) on the way home, and to his sister (on my phone!).  Oh, what a phone can do!

I missed Mary Claire's orthodontist appointment yesterday (for the second time).  I don't know how I can write it in my calendar, and still miss it!  They called me to reschedule (again) today, and I definitely feel I've won the Worst Mother of the Year award.  How could I keep forgetting?  I have learned to use the calendar on my phone (Bravo for me!).  I know it's not rocket-science, but I've been worried to have two calendars going (part of my problem..I start to rely on my phone, and I forgot my real paper calendar!).  I'm trying to switch over, but I haven't made it quite yet.  I know I have two appointments for the kids on Monday of Spring Break, and please God, help me remember!  I am working to put my score back in the positive numbers.  With God, all things are possible.  Even overcoming my memory problems. : )

Today we ordered Clay new grips for his bicycle handlebars.  My van got more metal-deep scratches, and I had to do something.  I have about four deep scratches down my driver side.  The kids keep their bikes between the vans, and it happens way too often.  Clay came in, upset, and told me he'd scratched the van again.  Boy, did he.  We haven't fixed the others yet, since we have to pay the deductible (and I had a feeling it would happen again.  and again.).  I told him he had to pay for the grips ($9-10) since they were worn through (exposing the metal underneath) every time he threw his bike down instead of using the kickstand!  (Isn't that what it's for?).  I couldn't squeeze the deductible out of him, so this is suffering enough.  It's all I could do.  (Besides scream and throw a fit, and that doesn't do much good anyway.)

I feel so bad having warm, beautiful days when there are so many people suffering right now in other places.  All my little things seem so tiny in comparison.  Earthquake (and aftershocks), tsunami, overheating nuclear reactors, radiation on the "loose" (supposedly-but we now have radiation "detectors" in Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Alaska), does it ever end?  No, not really.  I'd sworn off television for Lent, but there is so much happening, so I'm checking it out online.
Anyway, just pray for the people trapped (it's snowing now!), for families to find relatives, for their safety and basic needs.  There is a peaceful "exit" going on, and I hope we can help them with housing, food, and shelter.  I can make room for them in my house-could we set up some refugee help?  and asap?

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