Sunday, March 27, 2011

High Maintenance

We had a lovely high blood sugar today.  It just ruins an afternoon/evening/dinner/snack. She was so high (543), she wasn't hungry (even though she had a correction, and insulin for her meal about 30 minutes before we ate).  The scariest was when she didn't eat it.  I was worried that she'd drop incredibly low, having about 4 units of active insulin on board!  (a lot for her size).

She never ate, and was still 324 about an hour and a half later.  She didn't want to eat her snack either.  I don't really think you should eat that high (totally against recommendations to eat over 240, BTW!), but I was worried about her having no food in her tummy, waking up hungry in the night, and having no protein to counteract all the active insulin (and it's new-she has a new site and new insulin).  I'll have to keep watching her until she drops into normal range, then drop her to 83% to make it through the night.  I'll still worry.  That's why I'm glad she goes to bed before us-I'll stay up till midnight (or later..) checking and rechecking.  Yep, my extra child sure is high-maintenance.

Speaking of..Ches said he thought she was going to be higher-maintenance than me tonight.  Ha!  I could require SO much more!  I think I've even gone down-I don't get my nails done anymore, much less even paint them.  We've been looking at old pictures on the iPad for the last three days, and I ALWAYS had my nails done.  I had forgotten how much time it took.  Now, I'm au-naturale.

So, let's get to the fun.  More shopping.  I am always looking for a new (little) bag for Mary Claire to carry her meter.  I don't want an adult-size bag, and it really needs a handle, preferably a cross-body bag.  Also, I like pockets to keep it organized.  I need at least two: one for alcohol pads, and one for those little blue lancets.  Zippers are AweSomE!  Here are a few of our old ones:
Her current purse (from Justice)-love the pockets! (and she loves the sequins!)

And her old ones.. (gotta love Osh Kosh's pocket purses!)
More pockets..but in purple satin!

..she's worn this pink satin one out!

This is the summer nautical version!

One of her sweet friends got her this for her meter (for her birthday)-love it! (She also wore this one out..they only last about a month or two)

And these are Liz bags for the winter.. : )  They have inside zippers, so they made the cut.  I don't think we've used the green yet.

We already used this one too.  Inside zipper, but had to put the alcohol pads in a ziploc.  Not the best.

This is new, a Dooney look-alike, but we never did use it!

This is new too, and recycled!

And this is the one I switched to tonight.  I've been stalking Vera Bradley's website, and I can't decide which one to get!  And I had this one in my stash.  I really liked it, but it doesn't have a long strap/handle.

This is the super-organized inside.

And look at this fold-out double zipper flap! (I put glucose tabs in the first, and lancets in the bottom one.  And there are two pockets in the back-one for alcohol pads, and one for trash or the lancette (she calls it the "poker")
Here are the ones I *heart* and can't decide on right now.  (And Totally Turquoise and Imperial Toile are 50% off today only! and it's so close to midnight!): The Mini Hipster, the Lizzy, and the Little Hip Bag.  Decisions, decisions.  I don't want it too big, it needs pockets for stuff, and a long handle.  I went back up to check her after she was 55 (finally down, now we are on the ride up again...), gave her a yogurt drink, and talked meter bags.  She couldn't decide on a Vera fabric/style without seeing them, so I let it go.  She knows Vera almost better than me-she said there will be another sale and more colors available tomorrow.  Smart girl-that yogurt drink is getting her brain cells going again.

Love her, hate diabetes.  Wish I didn't have to find the perfect bag, wish she didn't need one, wish she didn't know about pockets and zippers, handles and fabrics.  But, I think maybe it made her the absolutely sweet girl she is.  Really. (even if she is high-maintenance.)


Jen Snow said...

totally agree that these things that they have ~ change them & make them better people. And, it has changed her brothers as well. When there is something life changing in the family, they all grow! God gave her to a wonderful Mommy like you who would take care of her through it all! :)

Kendra said...

It's always so moving to hear about a typical day with your sweet and precious girl and the "extra" child. It makes me stop, reflect, and extend such gratitude for all the things in life that we have that have not been promised to us. Thank you Holly!!

And...I have total faith you will find the PERFECT purse/bag for the summer. :)

Holly said...

Jen, God bless the changes (for the better)!
You are too sweet-it's like I forgot what life was like before. : (

Kendra, LOve/Hate that extra child! : ) Life isn't promised to us either, but we sure are thankful to have her, and that it's something we can deal with (with her alive). I just feel for the people who don't get the choice. LIke your neighbor. : (
Mary Claire told me to just make one. Ha!!

Jen Snow said...

I can understand. I don't remember what it was like before high functioning autism was part of our lives. I've known Luke had it since he was 3. It's always been with us as well.

Hallie Addington said...

I wish we didn't have to find that perfect bag, either. But I know that it's part if God's will - ebpven tho I don't understand it completely now.

We search for the perfect bag, too. Always. Check out Skidaddle (a lot like Vera but specifically for diabetes). Or Too Sweet Boutique. She has new bags...

We have had a day of crazy numbers, too..... Ugh!!

Holly said...

Girl. Love the skidaddles, but they are $114.95! AND out of stock! I don't think I can pay that. Do they dance and entertain her too? ; ) I'll check Too Sweet too, thanks!

Holly said...

Ok, the pattern I liked was 114.95-the apple is only 69.95, I stand corrected. Cute = expensive. Less cute = cheaper. ; )