Monday, March 28, 2011

It's a Sign

I think someone decided to sell our house.  Where are we going to live?  I don't know (and he doesn't know either!).  Why are we selling?  He wants friends to come over (to look at the house?).

This morning, Ethan made a sign (all on his own!) (he's learned that writing conveys messages!) (and that he can write!) (and that people read his messages!).  He brought Ches a long 5-foot section of clear packing tape, and asked him to straighten it out (ha!), and that he needed some tape to put up a sign.  We asked where, gave him some tape, and he posted this in the front door window for all to see.  We are really lucky that no one knows what it says!  When we got back from our school tour (tell you more later!), I stopped in the driveway and told him that I saw a sign on the door that said our House was For Sale!  He giggled, laughed and said now we'd have a Sign Party!
It says, "bump-something-zig-zag-4-zig-zag"
Umm..I don't know where this came from, and after asking the kids we still don't know.  ..Maybe it's from the realtors' signs around our area with balloons attached to them on open house days?  ..Maybe I watched too much HGTV yesterday, and he saw all the people come to the house with the sign?  Either way, we have a Sign.

So, Ethan is not attending his old school at our church anymore.  It's a long story, but he's lost his second teacher this year (and I totally support her), so we pulled him out.  He's been in Sonshine School, a Mother's Day Out program (he was in it the two years before preschool).  He likes his teacher (she has red hair and her favorite color is green..really, it's a dream!), and he has fun.  I've already committed to the rest of the year (well, two short months), so I wanted somewhere for him to finish the year, school-wise.

We toured the Montessori school today, and he liked it.  I filled out all the paperwork while the bigger kids were at the dentist (no cavities!) this afternoon.  There was a lot!  You have to have it notorized (!), and pay the first and last month's tuition (umm..April and May?), a registration fee, a volunteer fee (?), and have current immunization records, etc.  I had no idea.  We even signed two releases for Ethan to be in pictures, videos, or advertising.  I thought the old school was extensive at 9 pages!

We did like that the school had so much light (windows all along three walls!), live plants, live animals, a garden out back along with a chicken coop (chickens to come..), and it was oh-so-neat with all its shelves of manipulatives.  I know that's a Montessori trait, but love it.  Ethan liked it too, so we'll jump through hoops, I guess.  Lots of paper hoops.  Notorized paper hoops.


The Mom said...

Great blogs and always heartfelt. I hear you
reading the words! Call me later with updates.
Today we are watching the mountain lions being fed.
Love you!!

The Ware's said...

Sorry to hear about school - which Montessori? I have a friend with her older child in one down here. I hope it's a good move for you guys.. :o)

Holly said...

Thanks, Mom! : ) Glad you are having fun (and great food!)

Sandra-thank you. It's Oak Grove Montessori on Har-Ber in Springdale! : ) He's looking forward to it, so I think it'll be good. : ) Hopin' and prayin'! ; )