Friday, March 11, 2011

Journal Contest

Wednesday I put together the girls' patches into books (wanna see how?) for their Girl Scout Patch Ceremony this weekend!  I usually make little baggies (cellophane and toppers with scrapbook paper), but they don't like to destroy their baggies to get into the patches.  So..I decided to make little scrapbooks they could untie, then reuse!
First, I covered two bags with cardstock, hole-punched them, and added ribbon to the spine.  Then you hole-punch the outsides, so you can thread a ribbon through to tie the entire book together.
Then you fill the bag ends with patches! : )
And..tie up the book so the patches don't fall out!
Did I ever show you this?  I found it in Joplin, Missouri.  Guess how long it took me to put it somewhere (not in the box)?  Exactly two months! : )
On Thursday, I cleaned my kitchen (yes, really!).  I dusted up high, used my 9 foot ladder, and really cleaned over my cabinets.  I also rearranged stuff, and took out all dark-colored stuff.  I had lots of plants, decorative red stuff, etc.  I was so tired of it all, and I've been saving up new stuff for at least two months..waiting to redecorate!  I have been keeping tons of stuff down on my cabinets, even when it's not in use..and I decided to store it up on top till I need it!  Here are the afters:
Not so exciting..but oh, so clean!
I found these last year for a baby's room, but they really should be used.  We are unaware of the angels around us.
Can you see the morning sun coming through the upper window? : )  Love the sun!  Hard to see, but there's my lantern up top! : )
All right. Last thing.  I have these little notebooks, and I make tabs to go into them.  I have some I just tab by date, some are for me to keep with me, and this one I keep over my computer with all my website information (sites I like to go to, and the log-in names, since I have a gazillion!)
I have lots of tabs in this one!
There's a section on meal ideas..
Even Thanksgiving and Christmas plans!
Anyway, I've made some for friends (from things to do, bird-watching tabs, and grocery lists..), and I'm thinking it's been too long since we had a give-away!  Heehee  Don't you love to get something?  I think YOU need a notebook to help keep your life organized! : )  You can choose up to sixteen tabs for your notebook, and I have a choice of two books for you!
Lime with black and white paisleys OR black/white Names of Jesus!
Can't decide?  Insides are lime and white : )
All you have to do is leave a comment with your first name to enter!  (If you want me to contact you by email, leave an email address!)  Contest will end Tuesday, March 15th at 8pm.  You'll have 48 hours to respond, if I don't hear from you, I'll give it to the runner-up (unless you give me an email!)  I'll post the winner by 11pm Tuesday evening! : )
If you want more chances to win, you can blog about it (leave another comment with your name and a link to your blog, or you can post it on Facebook or Twitter (leave a comment with your name and the link).  I'd love to help you get organized! : )

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing, some people have entertained angels unaware.  Hebrews 13:2


Linda said...

You are so creative!! Cute Girl Scout baggies!! Linda

Mary Ella said...

I have never entered your contests before but these are too cute and too practical!!!
email is

Kendra said...

I remember the scrapbooks...oh the memories!! :) I love your notebooks and I still have mine you made me. I love the website idea too for them. I always lose that information. You are so awesome Holly!!

Holly said...

You all certainly bless me-thank you! I want to bless you back!! : )
All of you deserve some little tabbed notebooks!! : ) I remember my rash of notebooks, Kendra! I was so excited to have my little tab-maker! hahaha! (I lose all that stuff too, but I didn't want to write that I have to write my passwords down too!! I have..69 sites/log-in/passwords!!) Who can remember that stuff??
Love you guys!

The Ware's said...

Love the new baggies for the patches! Only one more to go after this.. can you believe we're working on the end of the year already? Juniors is next... do you think Mary Claire will join again? I wonder if most will rejoin - guess we'll get on that after Spring Break! Anyway - they are cute.. and thanks again for making them! :o)

Holly said...

Thanks, Sandra! : ) I know-it seems like we are done early this year! Yes, I think she'll stay in, if you guys don't meet after school. If you do, it'll be hard to make it before 3:45 or so!
You are welcome! : )