Monday, March 21, 2011


A calendar is a HaNdY thing,
It keeps you from looking like a ding-a-ling.

Paper, computer, or phone I condone..
Except you'll fail if you try more than one.

I tried it (I did!) to balance all three-
but then I slipped up, oops-Pardon Me-

for forgetting a doctor, not once but twice!
I'm down to just one, let me give you advice:

Use the computer, sync with your phone-
set the alarms, you won't have to postpone!

Tiny bit jest, big bit serious!  Today I finally got both Clay to his doctor appointment, AND Mary Claire to that elusive orthodontist appointment that I missed not once, but twice!  I had it on my paper calendar, not my phone.  But as of last Saturday, I've officially switched to just my phone!  When it syncs with my computer, it reminds me on both places...I feel so tech-savvy.  (and my mom's been using her phone for at least two years) (..better late than never?)

Today I finally have gotten around to some of my other pay-it-forwards from January!  Hey, I've been busy. (do you need a list?)  I did some digitizing..and some sewing!  Here are a couple pictures:
 I know they are hard to read, but they are supposed to be a Surprise!

and a towel for my KC friend I'll see tomorrow! : )  It's supposed to be kinda Easter-y!
I could tell you I got way more done, but that would be a lie.  It takes me all day to be take a shower, make it to two appointments (take my son to lunch) (read a magazine), make dinner, be creative, and blog! : )  So that's about it.

I forgot to tell you how the Bosley (hair) meeting went in Florida.  Ches decided to go for it, and we are going to the Kansas City surgery center on Wednesday (it'll take all day).  We'll be driving down tomorrow.  I'm nervous.  I don't know how it'll be, is that bad?  I don't want a new husband-will he look the same?  And if he changed his mind..I could get that new Camaro. (I mean, totally so the kids could have it when they're 16.  I would just break it in.)  I'm trying to be supportive.  (Come on, I didn't tell him I was weighing hair vs. Camaro.)  (And don't worry, he Never reads my stuff!)

ps-consider yourself lucky.  I was going to write you a haiku! ; )
yes, I wrote it...with some help.  I have this great resource I got from a book 1994.  And apparently now they are only valuable to Me, as they are currently selling for 1 cent (used).


The Mom said...

So cute so sweet!! Thank you!! L & H

Holly said...

You are welcome!! : ) I'll get it to you after we get back!