Monday, April 13, 2009

Too busy, but paused to update you...

Let's see how totally brief I can be:

Baby Bookworms: fun

Dentist: my dental hygienist was NOT at my appt: I rescheduled, Big Story at 10

School: helped make stick horses for the upcoming Stick Horse Rodeo, next Thursday, only marginally burned my fingers with the amazing glue gun

Home: with kids, plus two friends over till dinner
made dinner, vacuumed half house, cleaned office, worked on bills/reconciling checking account, now off to monogram two things

See? I can do it when necessary. More info to come. When there's more time, and less midnight oil burning. : ) Hugs!


Gigi said...

Lunch was delish! Thank you for you know what!


Gigi said...