Thursday, April 2, 2009

1-2-3 Magic!

I'm still waiting for my farm to load over on FB. I got a new banana tree! I have been playing diligently for a couple of weeks, and still I only have about 8 things open for me to send to people. What's up with that??
Ok, have farmed, and all my ground crops went to waste. It's been too long since I harvested. Boo. I'm losing points. What more could I do to waste time???

Ok, back to life, back to reality.
Today I debated on taking Ethan to gymnastics. I have already decided I'm not continuing to take him this summer. Can you imagine me taking the three kids-Clay and Mary Claire upstairs watching, wreaking havoc, and me and Ethan downstairs (me chasing him around)? No, not a pretty sight. So, I was ready to call it quits. I mean it was for him to expend energy, not to grow up to be a gymnast (although he is amazingly flexible: he can do the splits, lay his head down on his legs, do forward and backward rolls). So, today I stupidly paid for the next month (and he was horrible in class). Am I glutton for punishment? Seriously? I'll have to drop him soon, I'll see how I feel next week. I feel bad if I drop at the first of the month, and they are without the payment. However, if I quit in the middle of the month, they have time to find a newbie to fill the spot, and I've paid, so don't have any guilt. Be watching for my quitting-ness.

In other news, I had a head/brain/eye-crushing headache today. I've been CT-scanned a few years ago (with and without contrast: read IV!!), and they've found no big problems (although my stress level was through the roof since I cried the entire time (not knowing it was with contrast!!!). Anyway, they are migraine-proportion, and not much helps except sleep (read dark room, no noise). Ethan chose today to sleep (or just be quiet?) for under an hour. What happened?? Don't know-just didn't help the headache. It's partly tension (all that laundry/unpacking/mess all over the kitchen) and partly missing sleep. I need a vacation from all that vacation fun!

I learned all about 1-2-3 Magic as I read on the trip. I've been using it with the kids, and with progress!! The biggest thing I've learned is that I have to say what I need to say, then shut up. It's the arguing with them or explaining my point that is all wrong. You don't allow/listen to the whine/argue/begging/anger. You just dismiss it, as they are using manipulation. I read that if your kids use one kind of manipulation more than all the others, you're in trouble: because that technique must be paying off for them! So, no more after the counting for misbehavior. Then the time out/consequence after you've counted, and no sorry's or talking after it's over. They know what they did wrong (or you explain if it was a new misbehavior), and their sorry usually isn't very sincere. Just let them start over with a clean slate (kinda like God does with us! only we usually say sorry). We assume they are little adults and try to reason with them, but they aren't. More talking doesn't teach them. (I'm sure I'll still talk lots to teach, but not in the midst of misbehavior!) I actually didn't get very ruffled today making dinner with one trying hard not to do his homework (got counted, then went to room to finish), another whining didn't want to do her hw, and one throwing a fit on the kitchen floor after repeatedly opening the refrigerator and door and screaming for cheese!!! He also got in the naughty chair (his time out), then in the high chair for blueberries (another book I read-if they are truly starving, set out fruit or veggies and if they get full before dinner, they've eaten healthy!). I'm a winner today! : ) ...Funny thing is, I had a friend ask me if I'd read this about 4 or 5 years ago. Why didn't I listen more carefully and read between the lines??

Then took Clay to boy scouts. Another life experience. They kept laughing all night about tooting (one kids walked off, and the leader *his dad* told him to come back. He brought back stink, and the little meeting broke off *ran off* for a few minutes and laughed so hard! You'd never see this with girls!!), and they were so loud and crazy. Unbelievable. When I have more time, I'll do more storytelling.

I must get to bed, as I'm trying to avoid the headache tomorrow-busy day ahead!

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