Friday, April 10, 2009

Boinking, Beds, and Bathrooms

Big Boy Bed?
We tried Ethan in Clay's lower bunk tonight. And...after many lights on, noises, talking, playing, and general partying, he's back in his own bed. We let them stay up late (big 8:30!), and thought he'd make it after he tucked himself into Mary Claire's bed. And stayed for almost 10 minutes while we played hide-and-seek with Bella. Again! But, alas. He's still not ready. Which is FiNe with me since I like the "locked" in the bed thing, and the "can't come out till I get him out" (except for when he's willful and climbs out...)!

Ruined Bathroom Experience
Learned a lesson today. If you are headed to the bathroom for a moment (or a while, depending on the situation..), find a fun activity for your child! Give them play-doh, a happy show on tv, a sugary snack that takes a while to chew-any freaking thing that keeps them out of your potty area for long enough to go!! I was having a bathroom break, and Ethan came in (wanted me done, like 5 minutes ago), climbed on my lap, got bored, wanted the light on, pulled long pieces of tp and tried to shove them at my general crotch area, tried to play with the toilet brush (and I'm On Guard trying to defend my territory), then he began to open and slam my GLaSS shower door-Repeatedly! as I yelled for Ches to come help out (he didn't come), then he pulled all my magazines into a big piley mess all over the floor, as I forgot why I sat down to begin with and gave up. I get the opportunity, I don't know, once a day? And the moment was gone. And doctors wonder why women have systems that back up. It's called Kids.

Boinking on the Bed
Ok, so crisis averted, on to the next five minutes of my life.. Ethan is on my bed (I don't even really like him on it as it's high off the ground and ivory. All ivory.) He is jumping up and down (on my electric blanket), but I think hey-I'm getting to talk on the phone for five minutes, so I'll let it go (don't do this). He begins to do his "seat drops" like in gymnastics where you jump high, then fall on your bottom, and every time he does, he yells, "Boink!" Then laughs like crazy, doing it over and over. He finally says, "Boink on the bed!" Hahaha, more crazy laughter. So I confirm what he says, and laugh, since it sounds hilarious, and mom (on the phone) says, "You are the only one who should get to boink on your bed!" Enough said. Although not so much boinking right now. (Is there a chart that gives boinking rates?) Illness does seem to hamper the boinking. 'Snot good.

Green Eggs (Minus Ham, as it's a Friday during Lent)
Our eggs are now brightly colored! And decorated with hundreds of Hello Kitty, Batman, and Elmo stickers! Yes, quite the combination! : ) They are so cute-well, the ones that survived are. Ethan quite preferred to bang them on the table, which produced crack-y newsprinted eggs. After they crack, there is minute liquid, the liquid touches the newspaper (the only boundary between bright Easter colors and my wood table), then the spider cracks are coated in the black print-just gross, and un-cheerful. Clay's solution is to eat them-healthy boy. Mary Claire's is to wallpaper them with stickers. Can't see it, can you Mom? So, some are adorable, and some...well, they'll be good to eat. If they survive the Hunt!

One last thing...
My kids (of their own volition) have decided to set out Easter baskets this year for the bunny, to save having him bring all new ones. What to do? They are already prepared-and not in the bucket things they plan to put out. What? Have you EVER heard of this? Foiling the Easter Bunny? Isn't he a planner? The one year I really planned in advance? Now what? Fill the things with eggs? Trade the kids? Aaahhhh! Parenting is really Not Easy. They are ALL judgment calls! And now they want to leave him eggs. Are they confusing him with Santa? and cookies? My Easter Bunny likes cookies and chocolate. And whoever heard of a bunny eating eggs? Or delivering them I guess. Weird.

Strange Thing:
Today when I rolled up Ethan's too-long jammy sleeves, there was a big wad of chewing gum. Still freshly chewed and squishy. Um, who gave him gum? And didn't watch him? And how'd it get 3 inches down/up his sleeve?


Anonymous said...


Main Entry:
boink Listen to the pronunciation of boink
transitive verb
boink, boing, interjections imitative of a reverberating sound

sometimes vulgar : to copulate with

Holly said...

hahahahahahahaha : )
Well, I can't say that I've ever JumPeD on my bed.

Anonymous said...


Uproarious laughter ensues....