Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lots of nails-in my couch cushions...

Is there any use having long, beautiful nails? Well, I'm not qualified to answer. My only answer would be a no, not with children. If I didn't have to wipe counters, wash and cut veggies and fruits, wash hair and bodies, etc. maybe I could handle beautiful nails... I used to get my nails done (acrylic), but I just can't do it anymore. It's partly because I don't have two times a month that I can spend on nails (myself), and I can't keep them. I'm in water so much, they start to pull off around my cuticles and under my nails. Ok, enough of that. I have to remind myself why I don't get my nails done (when I look down and see my yucky, gross nails, I must remind me that I have small children). I have small children, I have small children, I have small children...

Have you ever noticed (when you have small children...), that sometimes you don't go to the bathroom when you really do Need To Go?? I had to go, ohh.. about 11am, then I didn't go till about 2pm! I'd had juice, water bottle, and Coke from Taco Bueno...AAAhhhhh!! Pain, I could have done a nice bladder ultrasound, and successfully by then!! (haven't had one of those since I was pregnant with Mary Claire!) We just have to take a couple of minutes for ourselves. If not for nails, at least for a restroom break??

Well, messy house, bad dinner (everyone else liked it, but I wanted to File 13 the recipe. It was Chicken Tortilla Soup, but I have a better recipe, but I'm the only one that likes it. I'll have to combine them. PS-I have almost an entire pot of soup if you would like to have it! It made soo much! : )

We did make laundry progress, cleaned the kitchen (how DOES it get that bad EvErY day??), brushed teeth, ground pb crackers into the couch, clipped all finger- and toenails, read lots of Judy Moody, played sidewalk chalk, had gymnastics drama (forgot the meter, and she ran low at the end-68, not too bad), broke the fence gate, you know, the regular Tuesday night stuff.

Alrighty, gotta get to bed so we can do it again tomorrow! (I can have nails when they get big!)
Let me know about that soup....

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Gigi said...

Passe' on the soup, although if you made it, I know it was delicieux.

Need that barrier put into reparations? lol

Enfants will be running amok without the barrier portail to keep then on the inside. **smiles** (I actually typed 'outside' but caught my error in thinking.)

I actually had a moment yesterday when I thought to myself "Darn it all, get your nails done". Then it finally passed. All the ladies at the salon had on their summer sandals with their freshly painted toenails. I felt some sort of peer pressure....but then it passed.

And don't wait to go to the toilette, because when you are vieux, you will want those sections to work in proper condition.

au revoir'

P.S. The livre I am currently reading is set in La France, therefore the words just seem to clic.