Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meaning of Easter (and thankful Clay knows!)

Ever think how much easier it is to give advice and recommend things to people when you are on the outside? I can deal out decorating/organizing/relationship advice like no one's business, but when it comes to me-speechless. Why is that?

I mull over ideas, or worse: don't deal with my own garbage until I have to! I have tubs sitting in my house. That've been there since Valentines. Why? I just don't know. I haven't carried them up, Ches hasn't carried them up, I haven't asked him to, one of them has Easter stuff in it, and he thought it'd be easier to leave it down till I'm done with the stuff, then load it, and carry it up... Then the summer tubs will sit at the bottom of the stairs till I'm done with them... Makes for a yucky house/bad feng shui. I'll work on it.

I did get Mary Claire's room changed up a little bit-maybe we can move it more this weekend if we have time. Mary Claire and I have Daisy Day, so maybe not. We seem to have more to do every day and every weekend now that the kids are older. Maybe summer will be a nice break? We'll see what we commit ourselves to!

I resisted joining another committee this week. I really wanted to help out (as I always do), but can't seem to get all my things done, so I can't imagine adding another thing. It's very hard for me to say no. I have good intentions, want to help a good cause, care about my friends, but it does add up. My first ministry is to my family, and I'm trying to remember that. It's hard when and adult says thank you (and you feel appreciated) and a child expects bedtime stories, snacks, lunches made, jammies washed, games to be played, etc.

And then there are the adults that don't appreciate you. It's a darn shame when they are rude to you. Sure makes you want to quit. Only for the kids, only for the kids. As if clicking my heels can make naughty people turn nice. What drives them? Insecurity? Jealousy? Just plain mean-spirited? I have to say I don't get that. Doesn't it make your insides hurt when you are mean? Don't you just Feel BaD? I read about bullies this past week. I learned that they don't feel bad. They get such a rise (physically release endorphins) out of being mean and belittling others, that there is no remorse. The only solution is to not let them win. Don't back down, not to let the verbal barrage continue, change the subject, throw them off. Isn't is sad that there are tactics? That humans can't be nice?
Last subject: When a bully is mean to your kids. And you watch it. You just want to punch them. And never let them near your kids again. How do you explain to an innocent child that that person was TrYiNG to hurt them? It's nearly impossible. Like letting them think the world is a happy place when you are finding out it's NoT.

Anyway, dirty laundry aired. I can move on. I resolve not to allow my kids to spend time around the bullies.

In other news, I've run my errands, and I'm getting ready for Easter!! Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross for our sins! : ) Clay had a den meeting last week (that I had the priviledge of attending, if you recall). At the meeting, the leader asked what Easter celebrates, and Clay's hand was up high and wavy. He got called on, and *blush*, he told them about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins (and rising again after prompting...)! My baby has learned something important about life-thank you, God! Sometimes you don't know if you are making a difference, but then they go and make you proud! : )
Anyway, on with the show.. I'm hosting Easter dinner, and am going against tradition and having lasagna for dinner! It's easy to make in advance, and everyone seems to eat it! I do hate wasted food (or that's what my mom says, and I've adopted it...like other things she says..)! We can hide eggs outside (away from the pool, as it's half-empty and a pipe is cracked, so the pump isn't working..) and hopefully get some sun and nice weather!! I got a beautiful pot of tulips coming up for Easter. I couldn't risk the crazy weather outside for the amazing show of color, but on my counter, I'll have flowers! Ethan has already taken the liberty of pushing his fingers down into the buds, so I hope they come up with less brown than I might imagine. I didn't realize what he was doing (since the flowers/buds are still so low in the big leaves) until he'd poked several. Well, I'll have a FEW nice flowers, and a reminder of my gift for Easter: my sweet family. They are all so sweet and adorable (and Ches too!), and always remind me to be thankful for even having them. My life could be so different, and I'm thankful for the way it is. I pray that you are thankful for your family-we could be so much worse off!


Gigi said...

Wowza! Who bullied whom?

Sissy's room looked very nice indeedy!

Clay is a fantastic young man and we are all so pleased with him knowing of salvation at such a tender age.

And yes, I do dislike wasted food.

Frugality is a necessity in these economic times.

(Your lasagna is delicious...See you soon!)


Holly said...

Love you, see you Saturday? : )

Gigi said...

Oh yes..see you Saturday for sure. What time?

The Ware's said...

Isn't it great when lessons learned show up again?! Emily was writing in a journal one night - the next morning she came and showed me. She had been writing about Easter and saying how excited she was for the Easter bunny to come - in her story though she ended with "but Easter isn't just about the Easter bunny, it's really about Jesus."... :o)

Holly said...

Mom-7ish-I think it starts at 7:30.

Sandra-Oh, it makes your heart happy when they know the real story. : ) Somehow, in the midst of everything else, you are doing the right thing!