Sunday, July 2, 2017

The One Where I Sang!

Hey there! : ) We have been working a local fireworks stand (indoor, whew!) to raise money for Mary Claire's trip to the national youth conference in November!  It's been good for both of us to spend time together, we've met some super sweet people-and youth!  It's not just for our church (although our men's club runs it), other groups can come learn and work too.  We sign in and out, and they give us a percentage of the total sales based on the hours worked by each group.  

We also had an Arkansas Naturals ballgame today in cooperation with JDRF as a fundraiser!  We didn't have that many people, but it was fun! : )  I got to meet two new families that have kids with diabetes, so that's a total win!

We made little last minute treat bags, mostly with fireworks since a.) we were working at the fireworks stand today.. and b.) we couldn't bring food into the stadium!  I snuck a few chocolates into them, but they let them pass.  Score!

Carter with Brody!

I did something kinda crazy.  I agreed to do LIVE karaoke in front of everyone at the ballpark.  At the end of the third inning, I stood on top of the dugout, and sang.  It was very brief (thank you, sweet baby Jesus!), and I LiVeD!!  I was DYING beforehand, sweating, sooo nervous, but I lived.  I got some free stuff that I gave to two families who attended the game with us, totally worth it. : )  When is the last time you did something that SCARED you?!

Oh, and then my friends and kids said nice things to me.  Like, I know I can't sing well (or AT ALL), but them being positive was really awesome!

We met another new-to-us family with a sweet young lady, both with diabetes and with some anxiety, about a year younger than Mary Claire.  We have been there!  It was good to talk with her, encourage her, and I think she's on the right track.  Her momma is doing a great job!  We do remember how hard it was in the middle, I have not forgotten.  The above happens to be my girlie on the other side, hooray!  She's winking at me, it totally makes me laugh..and she knows it.  God is good, friends.  Please pray for our friend, Brianna, as she grows confidence in herself!


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