Wednesday, December 9, 2015

In DC, Filled with Insulin and Just Enough Faith

I watched the sun rise on a plane today, and I've watched the sun set too.
Every day feels like a dress rehearsal, like a lesson in living (but the years keep passing!).  I've really been (intentionally) practicing faith lately.  Today at 6am (I was running late), circling the economy (code for way far) long term parking, trying not to lose my joy.  I released control, and a spot finally revealed itself.
As I boarded the first plane, there were no valet tags to hang on my bag.  The lady said there were some "below".
Come to find out, that's code for if you walk away from it to have it valet-checked, you'll have to exit the airport and pick it up at baggage claim.  And go through security again.  To make the next flight.
I did, and learned a lesson.  I went into a bathroom stall, had a cry, turned it over to God, and kept going.  An employee on the phone shooed me away when I was trying to find the baggage claim desk (your tsa-possible bomb bag doesn't just go onto a rounder, y'all).  I finally found the office, waited, and it showed up.  She just handed it to me. No ID, no ticket stub, nothing. ? Guess bombs don't come in purple suitcases.
Then at the next exchange, I only had 42 minutes to make it to the next flight.  Guess who made my plane ten minutes early?  And the next plane only 6 gates away?
Prayer works, friends.  I've only got a tiny mustard seed, but I'm flexing it.  Trying, and somehow making it smoothly.
Even spilled the coffee I had time for (from a Starbucks right next to my final gate!), and had time to wash my hands.  Again.
I'm now circling Reagan (DCA) in a holding pattern.  Pilot doesn't know why, weather is good.  But I know.  God has a little something He's working on, so we need to hold on.
I changed both kids sites last night before I left town, and filled an extra reservoir in case one of them runs out of insulin before Saturday.
I'm trusting my parents, my kids, and my very big God to watch over them all.
Thankful and blessed even in the midst of stress, 3.5 hours of sleep preparing for this exciting little getaway with my honey, tears, the purple bag I can see and not touch outside a window, a micro-layover, my little girl's friend problems, a dying phone and missing my littles already.  If this is the dress rehearsal, I'm excited and nervous for the real thing!
God, please let me be a blessing! ❤️

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Go Holly! Go!! ❤️❤️❤️