Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Upper Antelope Canyon!

Headed in!

Upper Antelope Canyon was AMaZiNG!!  We intended to just drive through..but after learning that they had canyons similar to the Narrows (in Zion), which I REALLY wanted to see..we paid for a guided tour! (it’s the only way you can get in, ha!)  It was totally worth every penny.  I’d go again in a heartbeat! : )

Our tour guide, Lance, said his family had owned the property for five generations.  His grandmother had played there as a child!  Imagine that as your back yard.  Wow.

He gave us some amazing tips about taking photographs that captured the beauty.  We were having a really difficult time.  It is GORGEOUS to see the levels and the way the light tunnels down into the caverns, but you can’t catch it on film.

We all had nice cameras, but we got the best shots on our iPhones.  He had us switch to the chrome lens (when in camera on your iPhone, touch the bottom right, and choose the middle right option, chrome).

Then you stand up against a wall of the cavern, point it upward, try not to get direct sunlight in your picture, then choose where to focus with your finger on your phone screen.  It changes how much light it allows in, much like your eyes do!

My Canon just couldn’t get it (I’m sure it’s user error, ha!).  We changed the ISO to 800 like he recommended, and dropped it to cloudy day (just allowed more light in), but it just didn’t have the same effect.

So, you play with each shot until you are happy.  Dark, light, tight focus, wider, and we got the best shots.  Here are some shots.  Try it sometime, maybe in a tunnel with light at the end, or looking down a hallway. : )

We had a moment alone at the end of the tour! ; )
Hope you are having a great week!  Can't wait to meet some favorite D-mamas this week in Arizona!!  Woohoo!! : ) Hugs!

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