Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

Just got back from Ash Wednesday Mass and dinner.  Got lots of fun looks (since my head was "dirty"!)..and we even went out to Tontitown, that is nearly all Catholic, ha!

Our family and the squirmy talkative one made it through the extremely packed service..and Clay stayed for Disciples in Action.  He's a soldier in the skit they are practicing for Easter..well, Good Friday! : )  It's all from Peter's perspective.  I think it'll be awesome.  One of our most creative, musical families wrote it.  : )

Three things on my mind..1.) My amazing huge seashell dish (bowl?) busted today.  A plate fell off the wall in the dining room, hit a hanging bowl, and they both fell down, and busted the massive sea shell dish that was full of white sand and some shells.  It went everywhere, and I vacuumed for an entire hour.  After sweeping it up with a brush and a toothbrush.  Fun times.  I was surprisingly calm.  (I was really focusing on not letting it rob my joy!)  I was sitting giving thanks (Eucharisteo) in advance for it being cleaned up, finding a replacement dish, us making it to church on time after picking up an extra child, sweet friend brought us some Valentine's treats! : )

God was watching over me.

2.) My baby is growing faster than I realize.  Mary Claire played a video she recorded on her iPad a YEAR ago..and he was such a cutie!  I have just watched him grow before my eyes and didn't even see the changes.

His favorite books are I Love Trains by Philemon Sturges, and Chugga Chugga Choo-Choo by Kevin Lewis.  We go to the library almost every week, get new books, and he still wants to read both of them every naptime and every bedtime.  With or without the new books.  I could recite them to you..does that sound fun?! : )  I think he only lets me read the library books (or other books from home) just for my benefit!

3.) My girlie has decided to tryout for cheer at school this year.  She's excited.  She ordered a gymnastics/cheer mat a couple months ago and practices most days.  And on the trampoline.  She has filled out the forms, paid for a shirt, got a "cheer" bow (can I say they look dorky?  Does that word make me old?  Their ponytail has to be high, and bow facing forward..they're like..old fashioned Nelly Olsen flat bows.  What happened to big loopy cute bows?!), has a clinic this weekend, her doctor is completing her physical form, got new shoes today, and is picking out new shorts.

My biggest concern is whether or not the physical form can play against her.  She has diabetes (strike 1), takes insulin (strike 2..believe it or not, it was two questions!), has broken a bone (strike 3), and had xrays for the broken bone (seriously, double questions again?  How would you know you broke it if you didn't xray it?  If it was sticking out?) (strike 4).  I had to explain all of these.  Most of the questions asked if she'd had to miss practices for health reasons, how many times, been hospitalized (oh yeah, that one time in 2004, so strike 5?), etc.

Oh and there's a bonus!  4.) I returned our last four Redbox movies for which we paid at least double. Redbox is totally on to something.  Sure, I'd love one more movie for 50 cents!  Snow Day, Snow Day, That'll be $17, please!  No worries, we'll just add it to the credit card on file!  Eeeekkk!

Are you giving up something for Lent this year?  Last year at our family meeting, my fam decided I should give up Pinterest.  It was a rough Lent.  And then I was hitting it hard on Sundays.  So this year, no family meeting.  Haha!

Ches and I gave up chocolate.  We loaded up a box last night from all our hiding spots (our kids are sneakers and awesome finders), so we suggested the kids give up chocolate too.  (Since they won't find any!)  Nope.  Mary Claire (said school-ha!! then) gave up soda, Clay said water (ha!), then soda (bigger Ha! since he hardly ever drinks it!) but he's still deciding.  Ethan can't decide either.  Tough stuff to say goodbye to your loves.  We still offer the extra service or prayer options!  No one ever takes us up on it though.

Remember it's Lent.  It's supposed to hurt.  You'll be even more thankful when Easter comes. : )  Hugs, y'all!

By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.  Genesis 3:19  

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