Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Schedule Love

Hey, y'all!  I hope you had a great..MondayEeek!  I know it's usually the worst day..back to work/class and all.  I have a *secret*.  I kinda like Mondays.  Is that weird?  I'm into schedules (all the organized things happening in a timely fashion) and it really freaks me out all the hanging loose that happens on the weekends.  I know.  I'm weird.  I have never confessed to being normal.

When we have new seals put on, they'll clean it, and it'll be just like new.  Solid Silver = gorgeous!!
So, today some family friends shared..and we got Mary Claire a flute!  She has decided its her heart's desire to learn to play this fascinating (and gorgeous!) instrument.  She will be in band and hopefully master this sweet little pure silver beauty.  I am praying she sticks with it.  Number one because kids in band really bond together, number two because band kids are good kids, and number three because I am still friends with band friends and they grow up to be great people!  Oh yeah, and because she will have a life skill and appreciate music! : )  Thank you, Rachel, for bringing it over!

We like to Create.
Then we had Mom's Lunch for all the moms of kids with diabetes!  It's always (ok..usually!) the best!  We get to learn and help and counsel and laugh (and have Jose's chips and salsa!)..what's better?  Food makes everything better!  (you did not hear me say that.) (Especially as a mom of kids with diabetes.)  Seriously, they are some of my very best friends..I can even tell them some crazy stuff and send them the little poopy emoji, and they do not judge.  They are the best I tell you.  : )

Painted with this girlie on Saturday!
And then my mom came to get the two big kids, they were excited!!  They haven't gotten to spend time at my parents' this summer, it's been SOO busy!  Vacations, camping, swimming, friends..(and my parents have been busy partying too!) I'm sure they are playing, eating, and having a blast!  It's the one night I don't have to check blood sugar, so I'm kinda hyper..can you tell?!  haha!

Leigh is so sweet!  She did the wood with painted words (which were painstakingly penciled, rubbed, then painted), and Be The Good is a different color inside the quote!  So pretty.  I was so consumed finishing my painting (an HOUR late!!) I missed all the other pictures.
My good friend Tiffany just moved to a new house (we've had Bible study together for a few years, and taught First Communion together two years ago!), and I've been helping her unpack, organize, and get ready for her son Eli's birthday party.  I went over there this afternoon to help again (yes, I secretly love organizing books and shelves and duck tape rolls and pencils and hanging pictures and painting her vases and a chalkboard wanna-be Dana Tanamachi. .for reals).  Her husband has pretty high expectations (ok, impossible!), so I'm doing my best to help her pull the downstairs together for his party TWO WEEKS after they move in.  It's been months since I moved, and I STILL have boxes!  (he wants them all of theirs unpacked..eekk!)  Ok, so it makes me thankful for my husband and his l-o-w expectations.  (Is that bad?)
We all got to pick different projects to work on, and they were so helpful!  The owners (Katie and her husband) are amazing!!
And then the remainder of my family had dinner and split.  Ches took Ethan to the movies to see Planes, and I went to the store with Baby Carter.  I love having no time limit (except for baby exhaustion).  We looked at electrical parts for Tiffany's lamp, bought clear organizers for drawers, 9 boxes of 60 watt light bulbs (you DO know they won't be sold after December 31, 2014, no?)  (100 watt bulbs were gone 1/1/13), new ice packs for school lunches, tiny little gifts, stickers, milks..and some food.  Fun stuff!

I did the Birthday Cupcake sign, and she did a chevron frame with chalkboard paint!  SO FUN!!  (Should I tell you it was pouring down rain and my hair was crazy frizzy?  And I'm all, "Look what I made!!")
Finally home, Ethan asked me to read to him.  My back was killing me, so I said I'd read on my bed (moon-party mama).  He brought down his Bible and Calvin and Hobbes, the essentials if your name is Ethan, ha!  We read from Matthew.  We had amazing conversation about letting your light shine (he remembered the song!).  AND about Matthew 5:27-30 (if your eye causes you to sin, poke it out!).  We talked about how when he plays his Nintendo DS he gets sooo mad when Carter touches the screen in the middle of his game.  I tell the kids (a lot) that if something makes you sin or you like the thing more than people, you should throw it away.  (Conviction: iphone!)  My sweetie fell asleep on my bed, hopefully sleeping sound in Jesus.

A wonderful day.  (Guess I'm not an introvert?)  I'm telling you, I like my Mondays.  *Love* weekends, just love back-to-the-schedule maybe more?  (If I can overlook your jeggings, Downtown Abbey or Star Wars thing..you can overlook this.)  It's why we can get along, heehee.  That and my cookies are pretty good.  And I can help you arrange your furniture, yo!

Hope your Tuesday is rockin'!  Hugs!

The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.  Matthew 13:44

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