Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beach Bound!

We are officially on the road!  We left town Thursday (after I got my hair done, of course!) around lunch time, and headed northeast.  We stopped in Effingham (It makes me laugh... Did you eat that F’ing ham already?  Hahahaha!)  (ahem.  Sorry.)

Anyway, Effingham is in Illinois.  Then we drove from there to Washington, PA.  And then today, we’ll drive into Ocean City, NJ where all the fam will be excitedly waiting for us.  Bahaha!  Seriously, we’ll probably crash everyone’s party with all our people and noise and needs and the baby checking out their cabinets.

We have big hopes though.  Like for five to ten really good memories for our kids to carry through adulthood.  Or till Christmas, you know, whatever.  It’s hard to work and plan and pack for this long period of bonding.  So they can get to know each other better, build memories they can talk about when they’re in their fifties (when they go back over there to Ocean City for the annual get-together for the grandbabies!)  (Did ya see what I did there?  Heehee, I’m a little giddy at the van quietness while the baby naps!) (for a whole 40 minutes!) (they're, their, there!)

Seriously, I’m having to play the Van Nazi. Don’t talk loud.  Don’t roll down the windows.  Quit using the long sand shovel to cram down crinkly trash in the trashcan. Quit blowing air into your mask.  Please turn down your headphones (I can hear the movie!).  I’ve already crawled all over the car: to change the baby, hand out pizza, give a bolus, refill milk, etc.  Traveling is fun stuff!!

Perfect baby-sized potty.  No, he'd only sit on it with his pants on, thankyouverymuch.
Just did blood sugar checks, 167 and 99..not too bad for pizza and travel, and I don’t think they’re done getting insulin.  Eeek.. recheck in an hour.  I’ve never traveled this long with TWO, so we brought LOTS of supplies.  I’m it.  I’m the backup.  It’s kinda scary.  We got all the supplies to change their pump sites and lots of stuff to check their blood.  I brought 10 site change sets (beach/sand can be killer!) and enough supplies to check their blood at least 300 times.   Little extreme? Nah.

I've changed a site on Mary Claire, so one down..about nine to go?!  We've had to set Mary Claire at 200%, she runs so high when we are in the car, but Clay hasn't gone over 158.  They are so different!

We met a young lady down at breakfast this morning with a Medtronic pump!  The kids saw her tubing sticking out of her pocket..and we had to ask and chat! : )  She was so sweet.  She had a purple pump! ; ) I never know if I'm going to embarrass them.  (Clay and Mary Claire's are so hidden away, they're invisible!  So we never have that problem..I think it might be a bad thing?)
Crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge, through Philly, and on to the Atlantic City Expressway!  Kids are sooo excited now!! : )

Carter standing still.  For a very brief moment.

Cousin Will with the kids!  We were so excited to make it in time for dinner tonight at the Stein's house, thank you for sharing your hamburgers! : )
We're here, we're here, we're here!!  Had to dip our toes in the water asap.  It's so perfect at night: not many people, and the sand has cooled off! : )  And?  We got to see the big, full moon just over the water.  It's huge and a silvery whitish color, you can see all kinds of texture/landscape on the surface, and it was so clear tonight!  The light just danced off the water.  Pictures just weren't doing it justice.  We went down to the water as the moon was coming up (pink!), but as it got darker, it only got bigger and better!  Thank you, Ches, for driving me closer and closer to get a better shot.  The bridge was perfection..only not with my iPhone.  I'm sad I left my nice camera at home.  (I just can't remember everything!)  Huh..wonder why?

*Current Tally: Only one (new) chocolate milk-stained shirt, one pair of grass-stained bottoms, two (not new) pee-stained pants, and one dishwasher load running with sippy cups, water bottles, and one glass jar.  Oh yes, and one new green pail with shovel and five new have-to-have-them rocks.

So..we are all checked in, kids are sleeping, most of the sand is washed off..and we'll have to go back for more tomorrow!  G'night, hugs!

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