Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Minute to Win It and Kitchen!

So..I had this big horizontal space. And I had a big steel J.  I used vinegar to take off all the rust, painted the edges then rubbed some olive oil on, and repainted the wings to match my cabinets. ; )  I think it's way country, but I like it.

My shelves!  Obviously I need to unload the dishwasher since I'm missing some bowls!

Left of sink.  Love my ovens.  (except I got foil stuck to the bottom of the bottom oven.  Oops.
I washed a big box of delicious fresh strawberries to chocolate dip and drizzle!  Can't wait!

I had to have this sign!  Isn't it sweet?  They had "I Love You More than Chocolate"..but I didn't know if I'd be lying.  You shouldn't lie to your kids.

I finally hung some drapes!!!  I take a terribly long time to make up my mind..then after they are in my house it takes another long couple of weeks to actually put screws into my wall.  That's called a commitment issue, I think.

Yay!!  I know..I'm trying to commit to new chairs.  Still can't decide to reupholster these or get new ones.  Way cheaper to get new ones.  But I *heart* them!
I've been knee-deep in Valentine's Party fun!  I've planned Ethan's classroom party, and it's been a blast.  Really.  I planned a lot of Minute To Win It activities, and I can't wait to watch them!  I've had parents volunteer to help gather stuff, and prepare some things, so I'm THANKful!! : ) it's the only picture I had.
For fun, we tried it at our JDRF Mom's Lunch on Monday!  I did it with the girls to practice.  It was hilarious.  Adults blowing on Twizzlers and Pixy Stix.  It looked a bit like Coke lines.  That's all I'm gonna say about that.

First, you have to unwrap a kiss one-handed.  Next, you tear the top of your pixy stix (these eluded me!!  I ordered a pack from for $7 before my friends found some locally!  After searching five stores.) and pour it into the circle.  Bite off the end of your Twizzler, and blow through it to move the powder out of the circle.  Last, sort your Skittles (moms prefer M&M's in a local taste-test), and add up the number of colors.

None of us finished in a minute.  I think our mouths were too full of kiss and Twizzler to blow really hard!  So..I'll give the kids longer than planned!  I think maybe the first graders might listen better also.  Just sayin'.

We are also stacking empty soda cans on a plastic plate floating in a big bowl of water.  And picking up mixed candy with chopsticks (they're motivated since they get to keep whatever they move!) called Chopstick Pick Up, Carry the Crunch Berries (sucking up Crunch Berries with a straw to move to their plates).  Let's see..Heart-a-Stack (stacking conversation hearts as fast as they can), Cookie Face (moving a cookie from their forehead to their mouth without touching it), Nose-Diving (a contest of two with Vaseline on their nose, picking up cotton balls and moving them to a bowl..with the sticky nose!), Gumdrop Architecture (each child gets a baggie with 14 gumdrops and 14 toothpicks to build SOMEthing!) and we were going to make balloons with rolled up messages inside..but not only do we have a peanut and egg allergy. . .we have a latex allergy!  And I just found out.  I'm glad we made the balloon valentines at church last week, they were fun!  I also have some back-ups.. 

Don't Break My Heart (passing a tissue paper heart around the room from child to child-and they all have hands! Oh, and tearing it is a don't speed!)  We have Fly Fishing (waving tissue paper fish to a finish line with paper plates, competition-style), and we have pizza, heart-shaped cucumbers and heart-shaped carrots, we had to have some healthy in there somewhere! :)

Woohoo, I can't wait to watch them.  Seriously!  I hope I can remember pictures in those precious -minutes- of each game! : )


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