Sunday, April 14, 2013

And he's ONE!

I have a one-year-old.  (He had a birthday, ya'll!)  Can you believe it's been a whole year?  I can't.  I mean, it was a long couple months of colicky crying..and a lot of hair pulling (mostly mine), but we are there.  And now..I think I'm going to miss his little lovey self.  He's certainly a huggy baby now..but he's off ExPLoRiNG his world.  On his FEET!  Yep, he prefers to walk now.  Just stands up (alone!) and walks.
So..I'm behind.  This was his first haircut.  And he didn't love it. ; )  But we made it!  Even after he picked up the lollipop off the hairy floor.  And sucked it.
We were singing Happy Birthday to our sweet baby toddler. 
Daddy will always be in the pictures.  Since I like to capture everything. ; )

His cake.  It was cute..but doesn't look as adorable in pictures.  And it was yummy..and even that trumps looks. ; )

This moment he is into toothbrushes and hair brushes.  Gross, I know..but he likes them!  And he prefers electric toothbrushes.  hehe  He still doesn't quite understand gifts.

but he's so thankful! : ) Oh, and forks.  He loves forks.

And oreos.  Mint are his favorite.

Ok. Last one, I promise.  He loves cabinets!  Or maybe it's the colors?
So..there are other people in this house doing stuff.  Baseball season has begun!  Clay and Ethan both had two games last week.  Ethan's were back-to-back (hard on a kindergartner) and Clay's were over at 9:30pm (hard during benchmark testing!) needless to say it was a long week.

Mary Claire had a Father Daughter Dance.  She wasn't even going to change into a nice dress until about five minutes before.  She wanted to wear "comfortable shoes" and leggings.  Really!  And this is my dress-up girl.  So, Ches didn't really dress up since she wasn't..but then she did.  It was fine..and they had fun.

And Ethan looked so cute with Daddy too:

And..I missed Easter (has it been two weeks already?)  Praise the Lord for the family who keeps me so busy, and the salvation I'm so thankful for..all due to Jesus' sacrifice.  Happy Easter, friends!
They were not matchy-matchy..but they coordinated. : )  And she didn't wear a bow.  For the first Easter.  My babies are growing up!

Because he had his eyes closed in the one above.  He had a little navy gingham bow tie..and it was so cute!  He never even touched or pulled at it..he's a natural. ; )

Hope you have a week full of God's blessings..I know I will! ;o)



courtney said...

He's just too cute! And one!!!

Jen Snow said... cute! My favorite picture is the one with the fork! Happy Birthday Cutie-Pie!! :)

Holly said...

Thank you, thank you!
I know..that fork is nuts. He likes to "stab" with it. At least he understands it? He just wasn't getting enough action with a spoon.
; )