Saturday, December 22, 2012

Apparently things that make me cry.

Yep, I decorated!  I did what I could the first week of December, then I stopped.  I think I needed some time to just enjoy what was finished, and to prepare for Christmas..mentally.  It isn't the shopping, it's a big ol' chance for renewal!  I'm praying I'm ready.  (to be clear..decorating does not make me cry. heehee)
And the one sweetest thing (please don't let this be bragging..) this year?  All the hand-wrapped presents with handwritten tags from my children.  I began by letting the kids wrap things for each other, then I have left out the wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and tags on my bedroom floor (yes..all month.).  What I've learned is that they go work in their rooms, then emerge, and wrap.
There are all sorts of beautiful packages under our tree.  And I love it.  They weren't purchased or ordered.  They were dreamed into existence.  They have bought a few things for a quarter or a dollar here or there, or used whatever savings they had.  But really, like Clay made mustaches for Mary Claire (it's a big fad here, it'll probably be over next month, ha!)...I can't wait till she sees them!  They are made from some leftover white furry fabric I had that he was using to make Carter a blanket.  They will all be so excited.  They are pretty good to appreciate time and effort. 
So..yes, it's all the same room!  It's almost midnight, and I can't turn on lights anywhere else in the house without waking up a peaceful child.  Maybe I'll get a good shot of my Charlie Brown tree tomorrow.  In the daylight! : )
I want to give them all handwritten notes.  I was listening to a show today, and I learned that people really like to hear heartfelt words, I mean..don't we all?  And it usually means so much more than a gift.  I hope we can all write to each other this year.  I remember doing that in my classroom years ago.  It's great for the kids to know all the nice things that others think.  Sometimes kids just make up this perception of how others think of them, and it seems real.  They need to see it in writing to validate themselves.  I still have a file of all the precious cards and letters I've received over the years with sweet words.  Some make me cry..but in a good way. ; )
I want them to know that I value that they want to give to e-v-e-r-y-one, that they want to read to their brother, that they respect people's privacy, that they love to play on the trampoline together, that they can make up their own games and make their own *forts* outside, and that they want to sit with Santa for their little brothers even when they feel too big.  And I like that they still tell me they believe in Santa, even when they know he has lots of helpers.  Wink, wink.  Oh, kids are a mixed bunch, incredibly imperfect, but aren't we?  At least I can be thankful for the good I can find. : )
We took the kids one night when Clay was camping, and Mary Claire didn't want to sit on Santa's lap.  (He's the best Santa by the way.)
Santa tries to look over his glasses and look jolly.  He was super sweet.  I really liked the couch for the bigger kids. : )
I digress!  I think all the wrapping started when we began by book wrapping.  We wrap a bunch of Christmas books (that we already own!), and each night we unwrap one (or two), and then read it.  The kids are getting to unwrap (which fills a child's need!), and we get to spend time snuggled together.  We read The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree last night (which seriously makes me cry! ..and Ruthie told me all of this), and this morning we read the Polar Express (which also makes me cry..does the bell still ring for you?), and tonight was the Berenstain Bears Meets Santa Bear..which didn't make me cry. ; )  The kids want to read The Gift of the Magi, and I hope we have some more time now that school is out.  Ethan is into big books (read: no pictures!)..we have been reading the Wizard of Oz.  He says he can still look inside and find sight words.  Ha!
I hope you are blessed with precious packages and sweet little people.  Merry Christmas.  Let us celebrate baby Jesus' birthday with joy and honor Him with our hearts and words.  Hugs!


courtney said...

You posted! I just clicked over here to see if I changed my name issue thingie:)
I like the wrapping a book to read each night...the santa picture is cute!

Holly said...

Yay, me! I know, impressive, huh? ; ) Thank you..the kids have loved the books!!
I have to come see what you are up to..I got you a gift, are you going to be at children's mass?