Monday, October 8, 2012

Mattress Protection Theory

I've SO missed my bloggy peeps! ; )  Thanks for your input on the meter Situation.  I shall fight.  I shall Go to the Mattresses! ; )  and thank you for bringing me to my (fighting) senses.
I actually found out our strips are like the cheapest ones!  How's that and how are they making us upgrade to dumpy expensive ones?  I don't see how it could be a contractual deal or anything to make them less expensive.  But..there is a lot I don't know.  ..we saw the Bourne Identity a couple of nights ago, and boy!  It makes you think.  Are there things going on all around us that we don't know about?  Did that car that just passed me come from robbing a house?  or is that person sick because they just go the viral update so they can go off their mystery meds?

Ok, reality again.  We got a new door put on today between our house (kitchen) and garage.  Love it.  Hated the awful job the Lowe's installer did.  He totally gawked up the caulk, and it looked like a first grader did it.  I cleaned some of it up where it was still wet, but it was so thick and smeary.  I got SO mad.  I really believe in some work ethic.  Call me old fashioned.  If you are going to do something, do it right.  Even if it's cleaning your toilet.  Don't splash the cleaner all over the place, for goodness sakes.  Is it dinner you are making?  Don't burn it.  Keep an eye on it (and a low burner!).  Caulking?  Keep a wet finger and some paper towels handy.  Good grief.  
Anyway, it has glass in it!  So I can see my cuties playing on the driveway, and see SUNLiGHT!! : )  So excited to add a "window" to that darkish area!  It has blinds built in, so at night, I don't have to look at my van in the garage.  Not exactly Bunko fodder. ; )

K, ya'll sleep well tonight!  Don't think about losing your pharm insurance, or the crazy slow car driving by with it's lights off... heehee, just kidding! : ) 

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