Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fork and Spoon

Cirque du Soleil was wonderful!  We've been busy, but I'm still trying to get a nap in most days. ; )  Yesterday after Cirque, we fit in a movie-ha!  Ches wanted to check out the "fork and spoon" movies (really, they're called fork and screen-but he keeps calling them that since I think it's funny).  You can eat in your movie-I know bigger cites have them, but we don't have them yet at home, so..we saw Three Musketeers (only because it was fork and spoon!)

And..did I mention that I've heard the baby's heartbeat every least once a day?  I ordered (rented from a medical-grade doppler last week, and got it in time to bring it with me!  I've even started charting the heart rate to watch for changes.  I know, I know a bit obsessive..but you'd do it too if you had my history!

It's the best.  I did ask my doctor what he thought about it a few weeks ago, and he didn't recommend it.  He thought if there was a day I couldn't find the heartbeat I'd be more worried.  (Thank goodness that hasn't happened!)  I have to tell him when I go back next Monday that I don't need to see him as often now..and I'll have to tell him why. ; )

My friend, Jenifer, took Mary Claire to the doctor to get her site changed yesterday.  It totally went well!  I was SO relieved.  I talked to her before and after, and she was so good.  She got to open her little surprise I'd gotten her (new monogrammed tiger-striped pump pouch, a new *I love bling* hand gel, and a tiny Reese's peanut butter cup).  I told her she could have the Reese's, since she had new insulin.

At 2:00, an hour after her site change, her blood sugar was 99-Perfect! 3:40, she was 304-Not Perfect!  Freaked my mom out..and we weren't sure if it was the .4/hour she had missed (was the pump not working?), or the tiny 4g Reese's?  We troubleshot (past tense of -shoot?) the site, prime, insulin coming out?, basal, you name it-we checked it.  All minutes before we left for Cirque since we are an hour later here!

She did fine-but scary when the thing you depend on to keep your daughter alive (and allow her to eat!), isn't going so well.  I got all nervous, since we don't fly back till Sunday.  That's why we don't ever go for seven days!  ..Now I remember.  Whew.

So thankful to report..she's doing well.  I am thankful.  There are others around us right now not doing so well-I have a friend (only 37) with a brain tumor who is losing her fight (two weeks left), so please pray for her.  Pray for those who want to work and support their families, but are having trouble.  Pray for those with medical problems that God will intervene and hold them in the palm of His hand.  We have today-let's do what we can to help those around us.  (..I'm currently assuming it's my personal job to drive over to the gas station across the street every time I see people pulling up to pump gas-it's $5.89/gallon there-and people don't know!  Can you imagine your bill hitting $100?  It's just evil.  And all other gas stations are only $3.39 FYI.)


The Diabetic Camper said...

That price is crazy!

Jules said...

hearing the heartbeat of your new bub daily must be reassuring and bonding.

Meri said...

I'm so sorry for your friend. It's easy to forget how blessed we all are sometimes. I'm so glad the heartbeats are doing just as they should! Horray!