Monday, November 9, 2009

Hugging the Cryers

Today was our school's flu vaccine clinic. What a day! I'm so tired. Emotionally and physically! I was Ms. Tracy's "right-hand-man" and ran errands, called parents, ran to the office, hugged kids, gave out suckers, pulled forms, sent kids to tables, etc. It was a good day, and I felt needed and like I really helped.

I really like these days. Sometimes I don't get to help anyone outside my family, and I just love to be available! There were some screamers, one who passed out (hyperventilated really), lots of tears, and some surprising brave kids who didn't need anyone to hold their hand or anything! They actually surprised me more than anything else I saw today! : ) Maybe I stand amazed since I hyperventilate at the sight of a needle, so the young people who don't - wow.

My kids only got the h1n1 flu mist today, so they weren't afraid. Clay did plug his nose, and wouldn't let the nurse spray into it for a couple minutes. It just prolonged the process, but he didn't realize that. I went through with some kids I knew and some I didn't. It's almost better if they aren't with their parents; they almost behave better! I think their bravery shows.

We are still busy-at-it, with basketball pictures and practice tonight, the same tomorrow, and a JDRF event tomorrow. I've pretty much accepted lots as standard, so I'm fairing well. I am into a great book, so now I'm pretty preoccupied! I haven't watched tv in a while, and I have to finish! I'm into three books currently, but it's fiction, so somehow it goes faster! I'll be done in a couple more days. I love to throw in some fiction for fun (and escape from real life?) now and then!

Ok, so my posting is less frequent, and lower quality...heehee, like it was ever great. I feel like it's between errands now, but I suppose it's better than nothing. : )

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