Monday, May 11, 2015

My Voice

I can honestly say I've met some of my very best friends because my kids have diabetes.  I couldn't have said that ten years or even five years ago.  But now, they are the biggest blessing.  They get it.  This crazy, roller coaster life with its highs and lows, pump failures, doctor stress, prescription limits, high copays, kids' rebellion, exhaustion over late nights (or middle-of-the-nights), and the way we feel pulled to fight for good days for our kids vs. fight for funding for research for a cure.
Just a few of the the awesome moms! : )
I have found a voice.  To speak up for my kids' health and their safety.  I've written letters to our superintendent (of our school district), to my kids' teachers, to our senators and representatives, and I've tried (ha!) to speak at our state Senate Committee on Education.  I speak to principals, all the classroom teachers and special teachers, coaches, camp coaches, scout leaders (the list really goes on and on..) about what my kids need and what they can do.  I feel like I'm the educator, the advocate, the nurse, the counselor, and the cheerleader all rolled into one.
I didn't necessarily want to be an authority, but I feel like I'm becoming one.  At least to newer moms to diabetes than me.  It is something that grows on you, like a language.  The more you speak it, use it, the more you understand it.  It's like an appendage that I've figured out.  I still hate it, but I can work it, and I get it.  Maybe I don't even hate it anymore really.  I've just learned to live with it, like the frog who keeps coming in my garage.  (You just shoo him away or use someone else's baseball glove to move it out of the way.) (So he doesn't pop and become splat I have to clean up.  Who needs one more thing to clean?) 
I used to be afraid for Mary Claire to go to gymnastics, volleyball, dance, or cheer (she's done it all over the years!).  Or for Clay to run track or play baseball, or go camping for a week.  Heck, I worried when he walked down to the lake to fish!  But, I'm working on my confidence.  ..or God is working on my faith. : )  The kids take their meters, snacks, water bottles, and they are growing up.  Taking care of themselves, so I can breathe.  I never actually thought I'd get here.  I'm still so worried about college, about letting them go.  Lord have mercy, they'll be driving before long!  I'm growing up right along with them and these babies we call Diabetes. 

I can do this mothering thing, this diabetes thing-I have help.  I have other mommas who get it and who are loving me right through it.  I'll forever be grateful (since that lonely feeling from the beginning has forever seared me).
back when it was just me..and Diabetes.  Going it alone.  At least I did have this super cutie to keep me inspired.
**I'm participating in Diabetes Blog Week (go here and click to see the other posts here!).  Our theme today was "I can.."  What can YOU do? : )


Mastering Me said...

This was really beautiful. What an awesome D-Mom!

Karen said...

Thank you for all you do! Finding our voices is so important, and I think it's amazing to pass your knowledge along to others.

Holly said...

Oh gosh, thank you both so much! I'm trying. : ) hugs!