Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Peonies and an Apology

We finally went to our nearest (and formerly our favorite!) nursery to exchange some dead wintergreen boxwoods from last spring, and for new peonies.

Ches ordered 10 Sarah Bernhardt peonies for me as a gift this spring (I'm all into plants right that age?), and about seven are coming up.  I got a gorgeous white one from my wonderful friend, Tiffany, for Mother's Day!  It was sooo beautiful.  I didn't want to cut the blooms, and I didn't want to plant it yet..I wanted to sit and stare at the gorgeous flowers! : )

Today we shopped the peonies, and because most of them are already finished blooming for the season, I had to keep googling pictures of the varieties to see what they'd look like next year!  I chose three: Kansas Double Peony (magenta/dark pink), Nancy Nicholls peony (blush to white), and maybe a Klehm? (med. pink).  Soo beautiful.  Want to see the most amazing choices?  Try this site.  (Looks like how joy feels.) : )
Kansas Double Peony
We also shopped trees.  I can't decide, and we'll have to have them delivered, they are too tall.  One that I'm loving is a 6-in-1 espaliered apple tree.  It's six varieties of apples grafted onto one tree!  And espaliered so that it grows horizontally.  So you can reach the apples.  It's a little bit of maintenance to keep it clipped and trained, but I'm up for the challenge.  Instead of my kids eating the wild onions, they can grab an apple.  Wouldn't it work for the fence at the end of my driveway by the garage?!
from here
I also loved the Meyer lemon trees (and they already have about 30 tiny lemons each!) (but I worry about the kids eating them, and the citric acid eating the enamel off their teeth!), the Mandarin oranges and the clementines.  And of course I was there to get a fiddle-leaf fig, but they had sooo many dark spots on the leaves.  They were no help in telling me why or how to fix I didn't buy it. : (
Even picked a big pot for one!
The largest!  But then..they didn't have a cart with wheels that wasn't really dirty.  I want it for I'll have to wait.  And just keep looking.
I've learned this little lesson about how good things come to those who wait, so I'm more patient.
..I can wait!
Hope you had a wonderful day outside too! Hugs!

ps..Clay decided to go back to class today.  And he received an apology from the coach.  I just told him I'd support him either way, and he probably chose better than I would have.  God bless him.

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

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