Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chenille Stems.. or just Pipe Cleaners?

One of our sweet babysitters, Maggie, graduated from high school on Saturday!  We attended her party, and I wish I'd gotten pictures of her decor..all white with black stripes, gold polka dots, soo elegant with hot pink flowers, just gorgeous!  Here is a picture of the kids with her:

And Carter!
Her cousin, Thomas, was soo wonderful with Carter!  And Carter took to him right away..precious.  Had to save a picture! : )
Right afterward, we saw their neighbors, our good friends!  We had to run give hugs and take Ethan's friend, Gabe, home to swim with us!  Gabe also has diabetes, and we love to snag him when we can!!
Monday night, Clay had a band concert.  It was wonderful!  The last song was EXTREMELY fast, and they pulled it off!  I was nervous for them.  I think it was like 178 beats a minute, but it is actually written for like 220/minute?!  It was FAST! : )  And just beautiful music by all the bands.  They've worked so hard. ( you've seen these three pictures, but I didn't get to TELL you about them!)

When they were playing music, Carter was pretty good..hypnotized!  When they weren' was a noisy situation.

So proud of him! whole other subject now.  (Obviously, I dumped pictures off my phone today, ha!)  I made a wreath!  I'd never tried this new deco mesh before.. (burlap, yes, but this was interesting).  This is how I started:
Chenille stems to begin, I used 18 spread out.  I learned to hot glue them or they slide around the wreath when you hang it up!
This is with the widest deco mesh attached.  Here is the tutorial I kinda used.  They did a great job with pictures!
I was worried at this point that it was too airy-looking.  Code can see through it to the work wreath!!

It got better!!  I added (about 36) 15" pieces of ribbon (and then curled the ends of the chenille stems around an ink pen).

Finished, but not hung up..I have one more to finish! : )
This week in science, Clay and a partner, Carson, (and the rest of the class, ha!) have been working on 2-Liter bottle rockets!  His teacher emailed me today to say theirs went the farthest EVER in bottle rocket history at about 220 meters! (the "fins" on the sides were curved plastic, so maybe that helped?)  He must have talked Carson into letting him keep it, haha!
In January, I ordered a Casa Florentina dresser from Ballard Designs to go in my entryway.  I had a LOT of patience...and it finally arrived today!  I don't know if I believe it, but they custom make them in Italy for you.  (Even if it was a warehouse in Hoboken, I'm happy with it, ha!)
I know.  I paid extra for those layers of chippy paint.  I'm happy, so it's all good!  (Mary Claire is in the background making a HOUSE for Carter out of the big box!  With opening windows and a welcome mat!)

Didn't prepare for I just put on some stuff I already had! : )  Rocks from our trip to Arizona, love!!  Now, I need a lamp. .
I have *w-r-e-a-t-h* all over my bedroom floor.  And I only see sleep in my immediate future.  (I hope we don't crinkle all the ribbons I precut!)  I haven't slept much in the past three days.  I've gotten a lot done, but I'm feeling very run down (after three baseball games, bunko, book group, and a moody-getting-sick-Carter!).  I'm trying to stay upstairs every night to get the big kids to bed, then staying up there hanging out (blogging, obviously!) so they don't play iPad, phone, or go sneak snacks!  My laundry is missing me.  I should send a postcard.  (..Maybe I'm being lazy?  If I stay up there until midnight..I don't have to walk all the way back upstairs to check them!)

Hope you are getting rest!  Please say a prayer for two mommas, Juliet and Erica, they are doing a wonderful job mothering, but could use some extra prayers! : )

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