Friday, May 15, 2015

Food Friday

My kids often eat the same things for breakfast and lunch.  Eeek.. I can't say it's perfect.  Clay generally eats cereal (either four servings of mini-wheats or Raisin Bran Crunch lately=either are 92 grams with milk, minus fiber), a yogurt or two (Chobani individual coconut-16 grams each), and sometimes an apple (15 grams).  Mary Claire usually has two instant waffles (31 grams), sometimes 1/2 cup orange juice (27 grams), or sometimes cereal (2 servings mini-wheats, 46 grams).  I know they need protein, and they get 6 grams from each serving of mini-wheats..I just hate making bacon or sausage.  If the kids are high (over 240), they have eggs and veggies.

For lunch, they usually have a chocolate milk (25 grams), fruit or applesauce (25 grams), sandwich (26-28 grams), and some chips (11-16 grams).  Today (and sometimes when we have time) they have cut up bell pepper strips, carrots, and cucumbers with ranch dressing.

Dinner is always whatever we are having, no special diet!  Sometimes lasagna (about 41 grams per serving), broccoli and chicken casserole (about 25 grams), tacos or taco salad (about 15-18 grams) with black beans (9 grams), roast beef with carrots and mashed potatoes (about 35 grams), the list goes on!

Snacks are either a treat/dessert like strawberry shortcake (white cupcake, fresh strawberries, cool whip=30ish grams), banana pudding (banana, pudding, Nilla Wafers=31.5 grams), 4 c. popcorn (22 grams), or graham crackers (19 grams).  This is not to say they don't add another bowl of cereal, a soda, some cookies, peanut butter crackers, banana, cherry tomatoes, etc. after school or as snacks!

The kids kinda got in trouble last week for eating foods in their rooms and sneaking food.  We are trying to "eat in the open", and momma promises not to judge.  It's hard on us all...we just don't want to create a bad habit.  The desire to eat as comfort and sneak food could continue into adulthood causing more problems.  Prayers for all of us.

**I'm participating in Diabetes Blog Week!  Today’s topic is Foods on Friday.  Taking a cue from Adam Brown's recent post, write a post documenting what you (or your children) eat in a day!

Hope you are having a good week.  I lost a sweet friend this week, so I've been out of sorts.  Trying to pull it back together.  Today is Mary Claire's birthday, so I'm busy preparing food and decor for a sleepover after the school dance tonight.  Big week.  Prayers that your friends and family are healthy and happy.  Hugs!


Laddie said...

So tough to raise T1 children with a healthy attitude towards food, but looks like you are doing a good job by emphasizing no hiding. I was diagnosed as a young adult so got to miss out on hiding things from my parents. But I still find that the urge to hide poor food choices exists and I have to remind myself that I am an adult!

What a beautiful family you have and I can't figure out how you have time to write a blog!

Holly said...

Laddie, you are so sweet! Thank you. And I'm so glad I found you.

Yes, we all have our stashes for emergencies, haha!